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Aon-How Design Thinking is Transforming the Future of Talent Assessment-Whitepaper

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The Revolution Will be Empathetic 6 Employers must be transparent with applicants about their use of AI in the hiring process. In contrast to a "black box" AI, a "glass-box" AI is where all stakeholders understand what's being measured and how those measurements are used. Providing this understanding makes education easier, reduces legal and regulatory risks, and reduces applicants' anxieties about the talent assessment process. It also makes it easier to quickly course-correct when things go awry — for example, if unfair bias was introduced into the system. Value Informed Consent Education can help curb candidate anxiety about the use of AI in talent assessment. Our research has found that people are more comfortable with AI in hiring if organizations take the time to explain how the AI works, why it's being used, and the benefits of the technology for the candidate as well as the employer. Increasing the knowledge of their applicant pool about the role AI plays in their hiring process allows candidates to feel more comfortable with the process. The need for education is particularly critical in the face of increasing calls for transparency regarding how organizations use their applicants' data. Organizations are already required by law to obtain consent from job applicants in the European Union if they wish to apply automated decision-making strategies. Under the rules, video interviews require explicit consent from candidates that their data can be processed. Candidates also have the right to know what information is held about them, and the right to have their personal data rectified or deleted. Greater transparency during the consent process can ease concerns about AI. Providing such explanations can lead people to react favorably during selection processes by making them feel more informed and respected by the organization. Prioritize Ethical Considerations When it comes to using emerging technology in talent assessment, ethical considerations must be paramount, particularly when it comes to those relying on AI. Aon. 2018. Exploring New Frontiers in Talent Assessment: New-Frontiers-Assessment

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