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Aon-How Design Thinking is Transforming the Future of Talent Assessment-Whitepaper

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The Revolution Will be Empathetic 7 Prioritize Ethical Considerations Build Systems That Counteract Bias Used carefully, emerging technologies have the potential to mitigate human biases that can unfairly influence the hiring process. Most people aren't great at making hiring decisions. Aon's research found that: Confirmation bias leads us to downplay or ignore anything that contradicts our preconceived ideas, while affinity bias drives us to ascribe positive attributes or infer greater potential to someone because they are like us. They can all lead to poor candidate selection and create unfair hiring practices. Used inappropriately, technology can replicate and amplify biases, so tread carefully here. It's imperative to understand what information is being measured, how it's being used and to ensure it's job relevant. We recommend focusing on what people say, not how they look. Natural language processing (NLP) can analyze candidate responses systematically and comprehensively, resulting in a written transcript that can be scored by the AI. Looking at the text, the AI removes any unconscious human bias while searching for evidence of good job-related behavior. Invest in Opportunities for Human Connection Organizations that adopt emerging technologies in hiring need to bolster the amount of interpersonal contact with and respectful treatment of applicants during the selection process. Even if an AI system is used to inform the decision- making process, for example, applicants may find comfort in having open lines of communication with a contact person at the organization while they are applying. e more information applicants have about how an organization is using AI, the more likely they are to embrace it. Aon. 2019. Psychometrics: 10 Indisputable Truths: Aon-Psychometrics Aon. 2019. AI-augmented Video Scoring: AI-VideoScoring is the likelihood of a hiring manager making a poor decision. 50 % of unstructured job interviews actually predict top talent. only 14 % of candidates are hired based on first impressions. 99 %

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