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Sales Competencies of the Future 2 At the top of the house, the competencies of the future for sales management will look more like strategic marketing skills. While top sales leaders in the past may have focused on recruiting and motivating the masses (the traditional infantry), the best sales leaders of the future will focus on building the intelligence to know where to deploy sales people for success (more like special forces). If we look at the sales management skills that historically worked in a 4%+ GDP growth environment, they are the kinds of capabilities that depend on natural market momentum to be successful: Operating in a command and control, top-down environment Communicating the story of the company to recruit masses of new reps Motivating reps with commissions, trips and perks Coaching reps on closing techniques Swooping in to help close the big deal Disciplining reps demonstrating the wrong behaviors In the future, the sales leader must be able to hold his or her own with other members of the C-suite. This can entail creating a long-range strategic plan that shows how selling channels will evolve to address new customer needs, how sales head count and expense will trend based on organic growth goals, and how close rates have varied with different types of customer touch models. Top Executives Must Lead the Change

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