3 Opportunities for Leaders in Talent Attraction and Retention

Among all the risks that business leaders identified in Aon's 2019 Global Risk Management Survey, three clearly point to opportunities for leaders in talent attraction and retention. The article below outlines each of these three risks. 

Risk 1: Failure to Innovate and Meet Customer Needs

An Opportunity to Enable Innovation

Success in the digital age isn't just about bringing in new skills; it's about instilling a mindset that embraces new ways of operating. Talent leaders are in a position to help ensure their organizations have the right people in the right roles to enable innovation and create better customer experiences.

Risk 2: Disruptive Technologies

An Opportunity to Get Ahead

Talent leaders can better position their companies for technological disruption by first helping HR and others get a firm grasp on the digital readiness of their workforce. Understanding the skills — or gaps in skills — informs smart recruiting and training practices to address any identified shortages and opportunities.

Risk 3: Failure to Attract and Retain Top Talent

An Opportunity to Secure the Best Talent

Talent leaders can help their organizations understand and hire for skills that will be transferable in an increasingly complex world. It's critical to hire for the behaviors, skills, and competencies that will prepare people for transformation and continuous learning. Securing the best talent means not only identifying potential leaders but also identifying the skills needed to move people internally and assemble the right teams.

In a time when change is so rapid, talent leaders face a clear risk and a huge opportunity. The risk lies in failing to identify game-changers and innovators — people who not only arrive but who also enable others to thrive. The opportunity is to partner with a company that goes beyond that first step and ensures everyone in the organization is in the right role today and positioned to enable innovation going forward.

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