Embracing the Power of Agility: Moving From a Business Process to a Human Capital Solution

As organizations worldwide transform their business through leveraging technology, they are faced with an increasing need to attract and retain “digital-ready” talent – both the technologists who can build the new digital infrastructure and the business roles that take advantage of new digital capabilities. Some companies have taken it a step further to redesign the way they work by moving to an agile operating model, similar to how many technology companies already operate.

But changing an operating model first requires a mindset shift in how people approach work. As companies move to an agile model, human resources has a unique opportunity to establish itself as a strategic partner. First, HR must address these core questions:

  • What does an agile workforce really mean and what does agile look like?
  • How do we adjust our people practices to support and reward agile behaviors?

In this paper, we will define an agile mindset in the workplace, how to implement a workforce structure that enables agile ways of working, and how to establish rewards that encourage agile behavior and outcomes. Companies that can successfully integrate an agile mindset in their organization will ultimately be in a better position to compete for talent and market share in a digitally-enabled future.

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