Improved Selection Enables Higher Sales Revenue at Sunglass Hut

November 7, 2018 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Streamlining Recruitment and Developing a Profile for Success
With 350 Sunglass Hut stores and 1,800 employees, of whom 70% were casual and often seasonal, Sunglass Hut had an employee turnover rate of around 55% for retail associates and 30% for store managers. With an average store size of six employees, such a high staff turnover rate impacts rosters, staffing levels and, potentially, sales. On average, the time it took to fill a position had been around 20-25 days, causing concern for hiring managers. Sunglass Hut recruits over 700 hires per year from over 70,000 applications, resulting in the need to identify great talent from the immense application pool – without overlooking high-caliber applicants.

Mr Scott Schroeder, Director for Talent Acquisition at Luxottica Retail Australia, comments: “Our candidate experience needed attention and our recruiters needed to be able to identify the best candidates faster. We had been looking for previous retail or customer service experience but we realized that what should be driving our business wasn’t past industry experience or customer service but a type of behaviors, attributes and competencies: we can train people to sell sunglasses. We knew we were missing better candidates by simply recruiting based on experience but we couldn’t quite articulate what and how we should identify them.”

Sunglass Hut wanted candidates to invest in the application process. They wanted candidates to experience the Sunglass Hut culture, challenges and sales approach and to really opt in to the selection process – or to opt out if they wanted. The company started to work with Aon (previously cut-e) to shape and tailor the candidate assessment and overall hiring experience in order to reflect what it meant to work in a Sunglass Hut store.

Mr Schroeder further comments: “We knew we wanted assessment to align with us as an organization and the challenges our people faced in our outlets, using real-life examples and not to use assessments written years ago that no longer reflect today’s applicant.”


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