How Companies in China are Preparing Their Workforce in Response to Coronavirus: Survey

February 12, 2020

Given the rapid spread of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (coronavirus), some local governments in China are forcing companies to postpone the resumption of work after the Chinese New Year holiday. Organizations with operations in China are assessing this rapidly evolving situation and determining the right response for their employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

To aid companies in their decision making during the coronavirus epidemic, Aon conducted a pulse survey of companies in China on their plans for when and how employees will return to work.

The coronavirus outbreak is still changing rapidly, and in many cases, plans for resuming work activities are still under constant evaluation. We recommend companies continue to develop and amend their approach with the latest central and local government requirements, while also recognizing that these official policies are always subject to change as this situation continues to unfold.

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