4 Must-haves of a Successful Graduate Application Process

June 3, 2020 Amber Harris

When great talent is in high demand, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. You need a hiring process that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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Here are the four must haves we know are critical in every assessment process when hiring candidates who are beginning their careers.

#1. The freedom to choose how – and when - to apply

Most candidates, especially those starting out on their career journey, want the option to complete a job application on any smartphone, tablet or computer and at any time.

They want to complete easily any assessments asked of them - and also require the system to work simply and securely. They  are of the world of apps, 24/7 access and instant feedback.

In an ‘always on’ world, the expectation is that potential applicants can learn about a job, apply for it and work through any pre-hire assessment – all at a time that suits them.

They do not want to wait for responses and emails. They want to press submit and move on to the next stage – even if it is one of rejection.

#2. Make it fun and engaging

Games, instant messaging, video clips and small screens are all part of how many of us live – especially for the ‘early career’ generation.

When something catches their eye, they are engaged. While they may be fond of games, when used in recruitment, they need to feel that what they are being asked to do has clear relevance to the job they are applying for.

Game-based assessment has become far more sophisticated since the initial use of games during the selection process. Nowadays, such assessments use certain elements of games, such as working through levels, winning points and getting access to scores. However, at the heart of the experience is a robust and proven psychometric tool emblazoned, if desired, with the hiring company’s branding. They can include employer-specific explanation videos, tailored messaging and customized assessments. A fun and engaging experience with both a solid psychometric core and a robust process that includes assessments that are quick to complete.

#3. Respond quickly

Coupled with the expectation of 24/7 application, early career generation members want a decision made quickly on whether they can progress to the next stage or not.

They also want feedback, information on what the assessments have highlighted and how they might use this insight going forward. They have invested in applying to your organization and value a return on that investment. An automated instant candidate feedback report is a great way to keep your candidates happy - whether successful or not.

#4. Fairness and transparency is a must

Perhaps more so than any other applicant generation, those starting out in their careers want openness and transparency during the hiring process. They want to know how they are being measured and why – and that inclusivity is valued, and bias rejected.

If these are the four must haves of the candidate experience, you need to make sure that your early career applicant’s assessment journey has the following elements built in.

Look for:

  • Mobile-first assessment - quick assessment designed and developed for completion on a smartphone or tablet, rather than one simply shown on a mobile that was designed for a larger screen.
  • Gamified assessment - not games, but adding some fun and engagement into the world of assessment.
  • Seamless integration with your other hiring systems - make it a harmonious applicant process; being ‘transferred’ between your systems and with decisions based on evidence.
  • Understandable AI - talent decisions can be made based on the application of advanced AI. However, make sure you know how suggestions are being made by the AI by understanding how the algorithm has been developed and is applied. It means you can then explain this to those who may ask.
  • Automated feedback - offer feedback and provide a report to the candidate.

If you would like to learn more about how Aon’s assessment tools can support your hiring talent early in their career, then get in touch.

About the Author

Amber Harris

Amber Harris is an Account Manager with over 20 years recruitment experience within the UK, such as Talent Acquisition for Volume and Management roles, Attraction, Selection and Early Careers. As an Account Manager with Assessment Solutions by Aon, formerly cut-e, Amber has worked alongside occupational psychologists to manage the delivery of volume recruitment campaigns for companies that include easyJet, M&S and Ocado. Due to her recruitment experience, she is able to put herself into her clients‘ shoes when solving clients problems and looking at commercials. Amber’s account work to date has spanned a range of private sector organizations including aviation, retail and telecommunications.

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