5 Reasons to Use Talent Assessment When Hiring Drivers

August 10, 2020 Aon's Assessment Solutions

If you’re hiring commercial drivers right now, your primary concern may be finding the drivers to fill your vacancies. You may not be focused on how to check how safe a driver they are, or the effect they will have on your company’s reputational risk, if they are hired. 

Whether your drivers are delivering parcels to homes, goods to warehouses, carrying out installations or taking passengers from location to location, drivers are increasingly the public face of your company and brand. Accidents, incidents and poor customer focus are a costly risk; the drivers you hire have a direct impact on your business.

But we know that it takes more than driving knowledge to be a safe commercial driver.

It takes specific abilities and behaviors. These include the ‘obvious’, such as sense of direction and concentration, and the ‘less obvious’ around ethical awareness. All are easily measurable with talent assessment.

Here are 5 reasons to use talent assessments.

1. You get metrics to benchmark and measure the business impact of talent assessment
Measuring driver success is straightforward. There are plenty of hard metrics already recorded, such as training course success, in-post accident and incident rate, tenure, driving experience, fuel consumption – the list goes on. 

You can use our metrics benchmarks as a baseline to compare your post-assessment figures and demonstrate the direct impact a change in your recruitment practice has on your business.

2. Studies prove that driver behavior and ability can be predicted by talent assessment during hiring
Our client studies show that using our Drivers Suite helps organizations to hire drivers who:

•    Are more likely to pass the initial driver training course.
•    Are safer once in post, having fewer accidents and incidents.
•    Drive in a more eco-friendly manner.

3. You may be able to access new funding to cover assessment costs
Reducing accident and incident rates, and claim costs, benefits your organisation - and your insurers. It is in no-one’s interest not to reduce costly insurance claims.

Bursaries to fund risk-reducing activities are available from some insurance companies. It means that assessment costs could be met from a different budget rather than the usual recruitment budget. Talk to your risk officer or insurance broker and you could have access to additional budget to support your hiring and demonstrate the return on investment.

4. Save time and resources by focusing on the best applicants
Our client studies show that significant resource costs can be saved by using talent assessment. Fewer interviews are needed to find the best drivers and those not likely to pass the training are screened out.

5. You can reduce fuel consumption and be a greener company  
Research shows that good driving behaviour is also eco-friendly driving behavior. When you are hire better drivers, fuel consumption (and cost) go down, and your company plays its part in supporting a greener environment.

There are very tangible and measurable benefits to testing driver applicants: demonstrable ROI with instant access to metrics; proven ability to predict risk; possible funding via a bursary; cost and time savings; greener driving behaviors. Your hiring approach has a powerful economic impact on your organization.

Why then would you not include a quick to implement, off-the-shelf, online series of tests proven to predict riskier driver behavior?

Take a look at the Drivers Suite and see how it could support your business. Request a demo now.

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