APS Workforce Exellence Award for vidAssess

With its latest talent assessment being vidAssess-AI, Aon’s Assessment Solutions has received the accolade for Emerging Directions in Organisational Psychology as part of the 2019 APS Workplace Excellence Awards.

Stefan Hinrichsen, Principal Consultant and Head of Sales, Aon’s Assessment Solutions Pacific, shared his reaction to receiving the award.

“Winning the award is so important because our approach to AI and video interviewing is a true innovation in the market. Our AI-based assessment is setting new standards in the assessment industry and ensures clients receive a valid and scientifically proven recruitment process, while reducing the time to hire.”

Traditionally, video interviewing was limited to being simply face-to-face interviews in real time over the internet. Then asynchronous video interviews developed, and these allowed interviewees to record video answers to specific questions set by the hiring organization.

Now vidAssess-AI has taken video interviewing to the next level and into the realms of video assessment.

Combining advancements within the field of AI with Aon’s knowledge and expertise of talent assessment and competency measurement, vidAssess-AI has taken significant investment and time; we needed to ‘teach’ the AI how to map what is said by the interviewees to different competencies. In effect, the AI has ‘learned’ from HR experts, interviewers and psychologists. The result of this is an AI-based product which mimics what competency-based interviewers have been doing for years.
When used in interview situations, vidAssess-AI focuses only on the words spoken by the candidate and then codes or scores them in a number of competency areas. It therefore removes any consideration or interpretation of onscreen candidate behaviors and the nuances of, or intonation in, their speech that human interviewers may, unconsciously, assess; the focus is solely on the words the candidates use.

Hinrichsen continues: “By focusing only on the speech and transferring this to text, and then using a natural language processing Artificial Intelligence, we eliminate human bias. This means that the result is a more fair and transparent process that can be legally defended.”

“In addition, the rules and algorithms that code the candidates’ speech have been developed and refined based on the scoring of the candidate responses by human experts. So, any score allocated, and any decision subsequently made, can be traced back to the root of the decision. We call this a glass-box approach to AI which is in sharp contrast to the more typical black-box decisions that most people associate with AI.”

“One thing we have taken care to ensure is that, despite the power of the AI system, we can never lose the human touch. The AI supported system does indeed highlight those candidates offering strong competency-related responses and flag those not scoring high in the competency areas, but the human is able to still intervene and choose to review and rate the interview performance themselves.”

vidAssess-AI is already proving to be invaluable to hiring organizations across the world.

In Australia, one automobile club trialed the video assessment alongside its use of personality assessment and human interviewers. It compared the personality assessment results and the scores of the interviews with the AI-scored video assessment. The result? Proof that the video assessment provides a robust and reliable result in highlighting those interviewees with the competencies needed for the role. It means that the club has confidence in the results to use vidAssess-AI going forward.

In the UK, an online supermarket chain has included vidAssess-AI within its graduate selection process. Not only has it found that the results have led to higher quality candidates progressing through the hiring process resulting in efficiency savings as fewer assessment centers need to be organized, but has been able to hire great candidates it may have otherwise missed, creating a more diverse graduate population.

The team at Aon’s Assessment Solutions is proud of its contribution to workplace excellence.

Hinrichsen comments: “vidAssess-AI is setting new standards in the assessment industry and ensures clients receive a valid and scientifically proven recruitment process, while reducing the time to hire.”

Do you want to learn more about video assessment? Read the white paper The Case for Video Assessments: Best Practices to Ensure a Data-Driven Candidate Selection Process.

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