Assessment for the Aviation Sector: A New Era

September 21, 2018 Richard Justenhoven
Assessment for the aviation sector

The Aon Aviation Suite of Assessments

We are delighted that our colleague Olga Lee is presenting at the two-day AIR Convention taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania on 26-27 September. Olga Lee, Organisational Psychology Consultant, will introduce our latest developments in psychometric assessment for the aviation sector; our Aviation Suite.

She’ll describe the background to the Suite’s development which includes both ability and behavioural assessments. The Suite offers a very different approach to pilot and ground staff assessment. It includes a measure of operator fit as well as role fit, following the EASA guidelines. Initial conversations with clients suggest it’ll be of particular use in the selection of pilots, first officers, cadets, air traffic control and ground staff.

In her presentation, Olga will look at:

  • How to identify those who will be successful in flight deck and ground staff positions.
  • The types of solutions that airlines typically need in a selection or development contexts. She’ll give an overview of what aviation clients are using and how the combination of assessment for the aviation sector differs across roles and processes.
  • How psychometric tools offer real insight into candidates and employees. For example, how to use screening scores, behavioural insights report that can inform interview discussions and development reports.

She will also present why airlines including easyJet and Aer Lingus use these assessment models and how they gain cost efficiencies through such an objective and fair process.

If you would like to know more about our Aviation Suite, then contact us.

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Richard Justenhoven

Richard Justenhoven is the product development director within Aon's Assessment Solutions. A leading organizational psychologist, Richard is an acknowledged expert in the design, implementation and evaluation of online assessments and a sought after speaker about such topics.

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