Become a Candidate Magnet through Your Employer Brand

All organizations have an employer brand - whether they have developed this consciously or whether it has been built over the years with little thought.

Employer brand is the way in which organizations differentiate themselves in a crowded talent market. It is what helps them stand out from the competition and compete for the best talent. A clear employer brand helps to ensure that it attracts the right candidates, hires those aligned with business values and retains the best employees.

From working with clients, we know that the most successful organizations are those which attract and hire people with the skills and characteristics needed to succeed in the role and who are strongly aligned with the organization’s values and brand. The challenge for organizations is to weave both components into their talent attraction strategy.

Our work with accountancy firm, RSM, is a great example of how to do this.

RSM has a strong customer base of mid-sized firms in Norway. It has a range of clients, spanning industries and size, each facing different challenges. This means that RSM employees have the opportunity to get involved with exciting businesses. Despite this benefit, RSM struggled to attract people entering the job market, facing stiff competition from the big five accountancy firms in Norway. RSM decided to rethink its attraction strategy. The accountancy firm examined its employer brand and what made working for the firm so different from working for other organizations.

RSM held firm-wide focus groups and workshops. These highlighted some common factors about what it meant to work at RSM, what the firm offers its employees and why people choose to work there. The team unpicked the employer brand and redesigned its attraction and selection strategy.
To better understand what employees look for in an employer brand, we have found a strong and clear visual on page 7 of the Raconteur Special Report on Talent Management published in The Sunday Times. It accesses various research studies and surveys and highlights clearly what employees want.

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