Building the Internet of Careers

We know the world of work, employment and careers has changed and its impact is felt by all stakeholders

  • Job seekers - as they search for and engage with potential employers ‘on the go’.
  • Job incumbents - as they take on self-management of their careers within an organization, develop a career portfolio and choose different models of working through freelancing and contracting.  Research shows that over 70% of employees want to own their work-related records and take these records with them as they move between jobs.
  • Employers - as they struggle with the global skills shortage as predicted by the World Economic Forum. While 75 million jobs are becoming redundant or automated, 133 million new roles are created through technological advances. This leads to 54% of all employees needing re- or upskilling.
  • Recruiters – as they seek out the best talent not just that will serve the organization today, but in the future too.

In addition to these employment shifts, expanding data privacy regulations now offer greater empowerment to the individual to own, manage and share their personal and career data.

It is time, we believe, to reinvent how career credentials are managed by individuals and shared across the global labor market.

The Internet of Careers

Together with other market-leading talent organizations, we have become founding members of the Velocity Network Foundation. The Foundation has been established to define, deploy and champion the Velocity Network to offer career self-sovereignty to individuals. We call this the “Internet of Careers”.
This Internet of Careers is built using transformational and trusted block-chain technologies. It enables awarding institutions to verify qualifications held by an individual and gives control to an individual to decide which organizations can access his or her career data.

The role of Aon

In this short video, Achim Preuss, Chief Technical Officer at Aon’s Assessment Solutions, shares two key strands that Aon brings to the Velocity Network.

As leaders in talent assessment design and development, Aon already provides decision-relevant data for its client organizations. Furthermore, as a strong and supportive employer, we are committed to putting employees firmly in control of their career data and career progression, and that we verify qualifications and accreditations to hire the very best talent.
As such, we know we are well-placed to help build the Internet of Careers as part of the Velocity Network and are proud to be part of this initiative.

Hear Achim Preuss explain how the Velocity Network benefits all stakeholders in the employment market

If you are interested in digital transformation read our article "Behaviors Trump Skills in the Future of Work".

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