Contact Centre Recruitment: How to Hire the Right People

October 4, 2018 Richard Justenhoven
Contact centre recruitment

5 steps to hire successful contact centre agents

Effective contact centre recruitment is at the every core of the success of your call centre, be it inbound or outbound. It is the hiring team’s ability to hire great contact service agents that will have the greatest impact on customer service, retention and sales.

And that might sound obvious but when many of those applying to work in a contact centre are, quite simply, not suited to the job, the hiring processes take on greater importance. Contact centres replace on average 26% of their agents annually, primarily because of poor job fit. Some studies have shown that 50-60% of agents leave within nine days of their appointment!

The impact of not getting the appointments right on the costs of contact centre recruitment and training is clear. But the hidden costs incurred because of disruption to the team, pressure on the team leaders, or a less that great customer service because agents rarely get to the level of competence needed.

What can hiring managers of customer contact centres do to mitigate such mistakes?
A paper written by cut-e explains how to hire the right person for the role from the outset. If answers two very specific questions. Firstly, how can you attract, recruit and retain strong-fit agents and secondly, how can you save time and resources in recruitment? It takes the recruiter through a five-step best practice approach:

Step 1. Understand what it takes to succeed in your organisation. That is, what are the skills, behaviours, values and characteristics that you see in those people who are truly good at the job in your business – and this might be different from that in another role in another business. This success profile is then used to recruit against. It will help you identify those likely to succeed – and those not likely.

Step 2. Build an attraction strategy. Develop the reasons why a person would want to work for your contact centre, and not any other.

Step 3. Create the right expectations for the job. You might like to include Realistic Job Previews in your attraction process. These are specific to your business and convey what the job is about and your company. They are a good way to get potential applicants to assess themselves and self-select in or out of the subsequent application process.

Step 4. Measure what matters in the recruitment process. Make sure that the online assessments or interview questions are measuring those elements of the success profile deemed to be important. If they’re measuring something else, you need to ask why you are including it as part of the selection process.

Step 5. Provide an engaging candidate experience. Make sure those that fit your company and the role and engaged and communicated with through the selection process

The second question answered in our paper looks at how best to save time and resources in the recruitment process when hiring call centre service agents.

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