Essential Competencies for the Digital Future

August 13, 2020 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Accelerating an organization’s speed of change and digital transformation has become essential for businesses readjusting to how they move forward. Forty-nine per cent of organizations taking part in our recent survey report that the pandemic is now speeding up their digital transformation agenda.

However, it seems organizations do not believe they have the defined set of skills needed for their digital transformation. Fifty-nine per cent of organizations responding to our global Digital Readiness Survey had neither the skills nor the processes in place to assess the digital readiness of their own people.

HR is faced with the not-insignificant task of both attracting and identifying candidates and also supporting and retaining current employees who seek out and relish making the digital changes needed for the future.

To do this, they need to be clear what it is they are looking for – and how to spot those with these competencies.

Competency Framework for the Future

Competency frameworks abound. However, very few embrace what is needed for future digital organizations.

Fundamentally, the way that people interact in the workplace has changed. Employees are increasingly expected to connect with others and collaborate virtually and across different platforms, liaise with different stakeholders and shift course in an easy manner when needed.

Our extensive research has led us to identify three foundational digital readiness competencies, regardless of role or seniority within a company. Together they form the core of a new framework which scaffolds talent strategy. These are:

  • Agility – to be capable of adapting to new innovations;
  • Learnability – to embrace all things digital; and
  • Curiosity – the inquisitiveness needed to explore, find and understand new approaches.

These are the new digital competencies: this is not about proficiency in technology. Also, this is not about age. Other client research shows that, while older people tend to rate their own current digital skill level lower than younger people, this is not reflected in their score of potential for digital working. Quite simply, it busts the myth that older people lack the potential for embracing new digital skills.

Assessing for the Future

Defining digital readiness competencies is one thing, measuring them in candidates and employees is another.

Adapting and combining our proven, well-researched personality questionnaire with one of our cognitive capability tests, we now have an assessment that specifically measures these digital competencies and highlights areas for improvement.

It means that you can pinpoint employees who will thrive in the increasingly agile and disrupted workplace, and how you can support others.

Call us to set up a time to see for yourself how to assess digital readiness.

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