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June 11, 2020 Suzanne Courtney

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 Do you know who your champions of change are?

These are the people who are interested in new or different ways of doing things at your organization and are determined to make those big, structural changes happen.

These leaders possess a cluster of traits, such as positivity, composure and awareness, that your organization can identify, cultivate and reward. Here are three ways you build your champions of change team ready to tackle digital transformation.

Invest in Better Understanding Your Employees

You and your workers should know their strengths, skills and abilities. This will allow you and them to make informed decisions and give them the power to invest in their development. Assessments like our digital readiness solution or a skills inventory provide great insights and help with understanding what everyone brings to the table, what interests people have and where to start preparing for the future.

For example, one coatings manufacturer we worked with wanted to use development assessments to equip its marketing leadership team to drive growth in the face of changing business models across its industry.

Aon’s Assessment Solutions found a strong link between having the right type of leaders in the organization and internal mobility. For example, these two statements are 100% correlated: “We have leaders in critical roles to drive digital change” and “Our employees are able to flexibly move between tasks and jobs.”

The assessments enabled marketing directors to understand and find the type of leader able to champion and drive transformative change for the coatings manufacturer.

Focus on Training, Reskilling and Upskilling

Assessments are critical to finding and creating the champions of change who can push digital transformation forward. 

To enable talent mobility, help them understand what roles or career steps are a good fit for their interests and skills. Prepare them for the challenges of digital transformation and help them master new tasks. After identifying gaps, help employees close them.

Assessments are critical to finding and creating the champions of change who can push digital transformation forward. Aon’s Assessment Solutions helps two notable companies make their workforces future-proof. 

JPMorgan Chase & Co. turned to assessments to find its champions of change. The retail banking technology group wanted to move its software development processes from a waterfall environment, meaning a liner development process, to an agile environment, meaning one that promotes continuous improvement. The agile environment reduces time to market, increases design flexibility and encourages creative thinking. It's a great way to prepare workers for the future but not an easy process to manage.

JPMorgan Chase approached Aon’s Assessment Solutions to help with that transformation and to make it as seamless as possible. The IT team focused on the assessment of their workforce ahead of the switch to help people understand their agile readiness, the type of role they are suited to, and ultimately what skills and roles were the best fit.

Position Adaptation as a Benefit

With the right assessments, data and tools, you can identify the people already committed to embracing change and digital change within their workforce.

At JPMorgan Chase, the whole project was positioned to create a positive experience for everyone. If you have experienced a big change like this within your organization, you know it often leads to significant turnover in the workforce. So positioning the training as a benefit to employees was important. That task was made easier because employees used data generated through Aon’s assessments in their own career development. This proved to be a massive success, with 95% of employees committing to pursue agile roles. JPMorgan Chase was able to adapt its technology group by providing employees with the flexibility they need to learn the skills that will shape their future.

At the coatings manufacturer, the marketing directors were able to understand their skills through assessment, as well as coaching and feedback, and develop the skills needed to be the type of leader that can champion change and drive digital transformation.

By understanding your existing workforce through robust assessments, you can plan ahead and identify the champions of change that not only ensure success today and tomorrow.

Learn more about the strategy and tactics that can prepare your organization for a continuously disrupted future in our Scaling the Digitally-Ready Workforce Report.

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Suzanne Courtney

Suzanne Courtney is the UK Managing Director for Aon's Assessment Solutions and is a recognized occupational psychology consultant with extensive expertise in assessment, leadership development, people strategies and employee engagement. She is responsible for the company’s performance and growth in the UK market. Aon's Assessment Solutions undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

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