Gamified Assessment, Video Interviewing and Digital Readiness. Meet us at EAWOP.

May 21, 2019 Alina Siemsen

EAWOP Congress 2019

Advances in psychometrics and technology are powering significant enhancements to how we assess candidates and employees.

We are delighted to be sharing some of these developments at the European Association for Work & Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) 2019 Congress in Turin as we take part in a number of symposia.

The (R)evolution of Video Interviews: Are They Just Hype?
Thursday May 30 - 8.00-9.00 – PARIGI – 1089 SYMPOSIUM

Globalization and increased digitization have forced the traditional recruitment process to change with increasing geographical distances to overcome. Application processes are rarely taking place exclusively on a local level. Video Interviews can help but, while not new, advances in technology, they have potential of changing the interviewing landscape dramatically.

In this symposium we shall discuss video Interviews and video Assessments and aim to evaluate the future relevance of this promising technology and to outline potential benefits and challenges for the field of recruitment. We shall include a review of current research and findings as well as highlight the challenges for research and practice going forward.

This symposium includes the following presentations by Aon colleagues and others:

  • Asynchronous Video Interviews: What we know and want to know (but we’re afraid to ask) - Davide Cannata
  • The Future of Video Assessment: Death of Traditional Online Assessment? - Nico Tschöpe
  • Language Analysis in Psychometric Assessment - Katharina Lochner
  • Rage Against the Machine: Reactions to Artificial Intelligence in Selection Systems - Richard Justenhoven


Competencies for the Digital Age
Thursday 30 May - 10.45-11.45 – VIP - 1678 SYMPOSIUM

Bureaucratic processes and micro-management need to be replaced by employees with an agile mindset; those who are ‘digitally-ready’ to cope with consistently changing circumstances. But what are these competencies?

Drawing on the latest research as well as opinions of experts across multiple fields and the expertise of a team of I/O psychologists, Aon developed the “Digital Readiness Model” and we will share this during the symposium. The model represents the attitude and ability that enables a person to embrace technology, collaborate with others and work effectively in the digital world of work and includes three foundational competencies (Learnability, Agility and Curiosity) and an additional eight supporting competencies.

This symposium includes the following presentations by Aon colleagues and others:

  • Overview of Digital Competencies - Katharina Lochner
  • A Competency Model for the 21st Century Recruiter - Tim Warszta, Sarah Mahling, Jan Westensee
  • Being ready for the digital future – the Digital Readiness Model - Lena Justenhoven, Alina Siemsen
  • Thriving in “Virtual” Teams: Competencies Beyond Informatics - Lothar Bildat, Kathrin Renschler


Game-based Assessment – Facts and Fiction
Thursday 30 May - 16.00-17.00 – ISTANBUL - 990 SYMPOSIUM

Gamified Assessment continues to be of great excitement and interest to talent practitioners and researchers alike. It is understandable; there is the perception that gamified assessment delivers stronger candidate engagement and showcases the innovation of the recruiting organisation.

But do these perceptions deliver reality? At our symposium, we will explore how the different elements of gamified assessment impact candidates’ motivation and flow, and look at how responses on gamified assessment compare to those to more traditional assessment – and what this might mean for the future of assessment.

This symposium includes the following presentations by Aon colleagues and others:

  • The Impact of Game Design Elements in Game-Based Assessment - Tim Warszta, Alina Siemsen
  • Getting into the Game: Applicant Reactions to Game-Based Assessments - Sarena Bhatia
  • Traditional vs. Gamified Tests – Are They Really Different? - Alina Siemsen, Tim Warszta
  • Video Games and Intelligence – Correlations between Playing Different Video Game Genres and Cognitive Abilities - Henrik Jöhnk, Katharina Lochner, Ulrich Steingen


A closer look at Situational Judgment Tests: New Developments and Insights
Thursday 30 May - 12.45-14.00 – PARIGI - 1025 SYMPOSIUM

SJTs have been a popular addition to the assessment toolkit due to their high face and criterion-related validities. But the answer format can be quite limited, offering only a number of response options.

In this symposium, amongst other areas, we shall explore how the video-based interview could include some form of situational judgment assessment. Our research included audio data from over 4,000 video interview participants but research in this area is not without its challenges – and we shall be discussing these.

This symposium includes the following presentations by Aon colleagues and others:

  • False Consensus Effects in Situational Judgment Tests - Janneke K. Oostrom, Nils C.Köbis, Richard Ronay, Myckel Cremers
  • Taking SJTs to the Next Level: Leveraging Unstructured Video Interview Data with AI - Richard Justenhoven
  • Development of a Situational Judgment Test assessing moral judgment and moral behavior -
  • Magdalena Reineboth, Luise Franke-Bartholdt, Jürgen Wegge, Anja Strobel
  • Is it all in the Eye of the Beholder? The Importance of Situation Construal for Situational Judgment Test Performance - Jan-Philipp Schulz, Philipp Schäpers, Lena Römer, Patrick Mussel, Stefan Krumm
  • Which Kind of Situational Information is Needed to Make Situational Judgment Tests Situational? - Philipp Schäpers, Filip Lievens, Jan-Philipp Schulz, Julian Schulze, Cornelius J.König, Stefan Krumm


Recruitment and Selection in the Digital Age
Friday 31 May - 9.30-10.30 – ROMA - 1667 SYMPOSIUM

Shifts and advances in digital technologies have opened up a new range of tools to help us attract, assess and select candidates.

In this symposium, we shall explore some of these looking at what works and where we need further research. We shall explore the candidate experience of interviewing and making decision using technology.

This symposium includes the following presentations by Aon colleagues and others:

  • The impact of review sites on organizational attractiveness – an experimental design - Tim Warszta, Marie-Christin Lange, Anne Jones, Isabel Rogowski
  • Identifying success factors social media recruitment – a policy-capturing design approach - Caroline Weber, Tim Warszta, Lena Plikat
  • Interviewing using technology – how do the applicants feel about that? - Viktoria Künzel, Alina Siemsen, Jürgen Deters
  • Selected by algorithms – what do candidates think? - Katharina Lochner

If you are attending EAWOP, do join us and share your experience and thoughts. We look forward to meeting you.

To learn more about our video assessment, vidAssess-AI, take a look at this short video.

For more information about the EAWOP Congress, visit their website:

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Alina Siemsen

Alina Siemsen is a product development consultant in the research team at Aon's Assessment Solutions. Alina completed her Master's degree in Business Psychology at the Nordakademie in Hamburg. She is interested in how gaming elements can be applied to assessments. Aon's Assessment Solutions undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

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