Guide to Virtual Assessments - What is Important?

With current disruption across the world, organizations are being forced to look at how they support and manage their employees in the short-term. However, they also need to ensure stability in the medium term and reconsider their longer-term talent strategies. For many organizations, hiring, selecting and developing employees cannot stop; however, there are a number of obvious current challenges.

We have been working closely with clients to rapidly move their talent assessment processes into the virtual sphere. This meets an immediate need – when you can no longer come together in-person – but it also opens up the door to the ‘possible’.

Transferring assessment to a virtual space may have been seen as a long-term and resource-intense project, but the current situation has provided the impetus to change. What we are witnessing is that, when requirement is urgent, the obstacles are cleared. Without doubt, longer-term, virtual assessment will become the new norm. It respects time, remains fair and objective and fits with the move to digital ways of working.

What is Virtual Assessment?

Virtual assessment takes proven and scientifically-sound talent assessment and transfers it into the digital space. Entire assessment days can be scheduled and managed online, bringing candidates together virtually from different locations. Candidates and interviewers meet, not in person, but through web-based video platforms. Group exercises are timetabled and carried out online, via paperless assessment center systems and candidates can work together in groups within breakout rooms of video platforms. Talent assessments, such as ability tests and personality questionnaires, are carried out online.

Also, mobile-first assessments create an objective and engaging source of candidate information. Virtual assessment will become an essential and commonplace component of candidate assessment. However, it takes planning and experience to get it up and running now. For this reason, we share our insights and guidelines below for introducing and professionalizing virtual assessment.

Guidelines for Introducing and Professionalizing Virtual Assessment

Our guide offers advice on the following aspects of virtual assessments:

  • Ensure a safe (technical) set up
  • Provide an easy and transparent journey for the candidate
  • Maintain a fully professional organization
  • Maintain the personal touch and a great candidate experience
  • Conduction of virtual exercises (roleplays and case studies)
  • Group exercises
  • Note taking and rating
  • Virtual feedback sessions

Read our guide here to get a more detailed insight.

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