How Recruiters are Impacted by Career Self-Sovereignty

February 21, 2020 Achim Preuss

We have explored, in another article, the impact that the rise in individual ownership of career information or self-sovereignty will have on job applicants going forward. But what is the impact on the recruiter of the new career self-sovereignty?

In short, we believe that the ability for recruiters to access and search a pre-validated talent pool in which up-to-date and comprises certified career and education credentials, will make it quicker to access great talent.
Achim Preuss, Chief Technical Officer at Aon’s Assessment Solutions, outlines his thinking in this short video.

What is career self-sovereignty?

Career self-sovereignty gives the overall control and ownership of verified and immutable qualification and educational data to the individual.

It means that only he or she decides who can access this data, giving them entire control over their data. Aon is a founding member of the Velocity Network Foundation, which is pioneering the use of blockchain, also known as public ledger technology, to make this a reality.

Competitive advantage through speed of access to qualified talent

Recruiters can leverage these validated profiles to gain competitive advantage by hiring the best talent for a job more quickly than a competing organization. Those organizations given access - by an individual - to their validated credentials, benefit from an accelerated hiring process as lengthy pre-hire checks are no longer needed. 

Robust and accurate data - guaranteed

We know that CV or resume data cannot be trusted – and numerous research studies have shown this.

In one study, 10% of Brits admitted to lying on their CV with four in ten respondents lying about their education and qualifications. Employers view being untruthful about education and qualifications as being the second most serious lie (second only to lying about one’s name).
Yet, with validated educational and career qualifications and accreditations stored centrally and accessible by recruiters, the ability to be dishonest and not be caught out, disappears. Recruiters can be sure they are accessing certification data that has been validated by trusted providers.

The reality of such a system is taking shape.

Aon is proud to be a founding member of the organization driving the Velocity Network . Velocity Network intends to be the world’s network for verified and trusted career credentials, designed for the digital age. It is governed by a collaborative, democratic, non-profit foundation set out to put people back in control and build a globally accessible, trustworthy ‘Internet of Careers’ built using blockchain technologies.

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Achim Preuss

Dr. Achim Preuss is a renowned pioneer in the assessment industry and a visionary practitioner. As Head of Global Solutions at Aon's Assessment Solutions, he is responsible for the company’s global product development and its best practice innovations. Achim co-founded cut-e Group, a global talent management and assessment specialist, in 2002 and was its Chief Technology Officer when the company was acquired by Aon plc in 2017. cut-e and Aon, as Aon's Assessment Solutions, undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

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