How to Choose the Right Talent Assessment Vendor

Selecting the right talent assessment vendor for your organization has become a complicated endeavor. The landscape of providers increases every day, and there are numerous factors to consider when making a decision for your organization.

Advancements in technology include new measurement models, gamification and mobile-first assessments. These advances coupled with the huge increase in applicants for each available position and advancements in the science of IO Psychology and psychometrics have resulted in a proliferation of talent assessment providers. Cutting through the noise to identify the best choice for your organization’s needs can be challenging.

Start by evaluating assessment providers in the larger context of your business’ goals. A great assessment is distinguished from a good assessment by the quality of the results and proven impact on the business.

Here are three key areas to consider as you evaluate assessment providers.


Efficiency refers to the ability to streamline the process and make it a seamless experience for everyone who will use it.

When you dig into the system efficiencies, carefully consider:
  • Technical Integration.
  • IT resilience.
  • Global reach – Is the system scaleable to various regions?
  • GDPR/data protection.
  • Cost of assessment and the benefits to the business.
  • Reporting – Are the reports understandable for recruiters and hiring managers?


Organizations need to evaluate the strength of the assessments and their ability to predict success and drive business results. Effectiveness can be a murky area; assessments must be built on a solid scientific foundation.

The factors to evaluate effectiveness include:
  • Robust psychometrics: validity and reliability, reporting, metrics. Does the system measure what it’s supposed to and make an impact to help achieve business goals?
  • What is the evidence of validity? Is there data to back up the claims? Make sure you ask for and understand the data in the technical report.
  • Shiny vs. functional vs. usability: Be careful of all flash and no substance.
  • Is the vendor investing in development and improvement?
  • Evidence of business impact: Assessments should be an investment that more than make up for the cost with increased productivity.


What is the experience like with the vendor? Does it reflect well on your brand, make the process better and smoother for your candidates, hiring managers and recruiters?

When evaluating assessment vendors on experience you should look for ways they contribute to a positive experience for candidates, hiring managers, talent professionals and business leaders.

Questions to consider about the experience are:
  • Do the assessments reflect well on our brand?
  • Candidate experience: Is there a give and take between candidates and the organization, where candidates feel like they walk away with valuable insight and info?
  • What is the customer service experience like?

Choosing a talent assessment provider has become more challenging. Talent professionals need ways to simplify this process, and you can start with the three areas of efficiency, effectiveness and experience. These help companies evaluate talent assessment vendors from the context of your business’ goals. The goal should be high-quality results and a proven impact on the business.

For more information about what to look for when selecting the right talent assessment provider for your organization, read our white paper "How to Choose a Valuable and Robust Psychometric Tool".

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