Job Automation: What's the Problem?

November 13, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Reports show that automation will free employees up from some job tasks as well as creating new job roles. What does this mean for our talent development?

job automation

Reports have shown various predictions concerning the impact of job automation and robots on the landscape of the workforce.  The World Economic Forum (WEF) forecasts not just the displacement by robots of around 75 million jobs across the world by 2022, but the creation of 133 million new jobs. That is a net figure of an additional 58 million jobs. Meanwhile, Deloitte has said that 47% of today’s jobs will disappear in the next 10 years. 

While some disagree with the figures, there can be no doubt that the use of automation will both free up workers from some of the more mundane tasks and also offer the opportunity for learning new ones. 

With roles evolving, the workforce must evolve, too. New hires may be recruited to introduce new skills which were previously not needed (or even considered), but the change needed in the workforce cannot be met by new talent alone. Current employees must acquire new skills, develop new competencies, and embrace new ways of working.

The challenge we have is that we do not know – and cannot know – what these new skills needed in the future are. We do not know how job automation will impact our roles, only that it will.

What does this mean for our current employees?

Even if we do not know for certain what future skills and competencies need to be acquired or learned, we do know that we need people who have the curiosity and desire to develop, and the capability to learn.

We explored this in our on-demand webinarGrow Your Future Talent From Within

You may also like to watch this short video in which I look at how job architecture is changing, and the core competencies that will highlight those who will be ready to embrace the new workforce and organization:

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