Paitience and Persistence for Creativity and Innovation

April 30, 2014 Katharina Lochner

Innovation Needs Time

What are the environments that lead to unusual levels of creativity and innovation? Certainly these are labs in which creative geniuses suddenly have this “Eureka” moment. Right? Maybe not.

In his TED Talk, writer Steven Johnson argues that innovation is neither something that happens quickly nor something that happens when someone is sitting in a lab all alone. Rather, ideas take a long time to evolve and it is crucial for them to connect to other ideas in order to turn into true innovation. Thus, his advice is to allow some time for innovation to develop and give it the chance to connect with others.

Thus, creativity requires us to be patient and persistent, to connect with others, and maybe to be in the right place at the right time!

About the Author

Katharina Lochner

Dr Katharina Lochner is the former research director for the cut-e Group which was acquired by Aon in 2017. Katharina is now a researcher and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Iserlohn, Germany. In her role at cut-e, she applied the research in organizational and work psychology to real-world assessment practice. She has a strong expertise in the construction and evaluation of online psychometric tools.

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