Standardizing Assessment: Strengthening the Talent Pipeline for a Leading Asian Bank

December 1, 2020 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Aligning talent practices with corporate strategy demonstrates an organization’s commitment to its vision. A leading Asian bank is doing just that – embracing ‘digital’ across every aspect of its organization and operations. The bank encourages online banking and web-based customer contact and discourages in-person visits and face-to-face conversations. Its vision for the future is digitally strong.

Spotting Those With High Potential

Aon has supported the firm when it comes to strengthening its talent pipeline with high-caliber talent for a number of years by identifying and selecting those with ‘high potential’. The selection process is thorough and intense. Aon’s consultants were engaged and talent assessments supported the bank’s assessors to spot those with the highest potential. These candidates then progress and follow the centralized HiPo program

However, an intensive process is also time and resource heavy and, with interviews featuring as part of the activity, open to unconscious human bias. Add to this the firm’s desire to expand the talent pool to include those who are an earlier stage of their career, and the potential resource investment for the established selection process becomes too much.

Time For Change

Consequently, Aon redesigned the HiPo selection process entirely. It delivered the process online without the need for travel or in-person interviews, thereby instantly cutting resource needs, ensuring robustness and objectivity and supporting the bank’s own digital corporate message. It also meant that the process became scalable – capable of assessing dozens of candidates with no resource constraints.

The selection process needed to focus on the skills and behaviors the organization needs for the future. These include:

  • Growth mindset – a belief that one’s abilities, knowledge and skills can be always be developed and the learning process is just as important as the outcome.
  • Digitally-ready and future-ready sets of behaviors – agility, curiosity and learnability.
  • A strong focus on problem solving and decision-making skills – the ability to connect disparate ideas, navigate complexity and reason well.

As a result, behavioral assessment, ability testing and video interviewing have now been introduced. These have been built into an immersive and seamless online assessment process that establishes and maintains consistency.

However, perhaps the most engaging of the measures was the specially-developed situational judgement questionnaire that runs across Aon’s chatAssess technology.

Predicting High Potential

Job and organizational analysis carried out by Aon through workshops and stakeholder interviews informed those questions used in the new chatAssess application. To provide added relevance, the scenarios use real-bank projects, personnel names and organizational structures.

The HiPo candidates who are engaging with the assessment can clearly see the relevance. However, the critical factor is whether the tool can distinguish between the good and the great talent the bank has.

A study was set up with current employees, spanning those already rated as high performers as well as a group of average performers. 120 employees took part: half of these were identified as high potentials; and the remainder were average. All were asked to complete the new chatAssess tool.

Analysis of the chatAssess data, alongside the performance ratings, provided strong evidence that those who scored highly on the new chatAssess measure were indeed the high performers.

The Future

The use of the assessment data goes beyond the selection of the strongest talent. The in-depth reports are valuable for candidates and can help them to develop an awareness of their strengths, the opportunity to work on a customized development plan and to take ownership of their career. For the talent analytics team, they can make more reliable succession plans and support career development and internal talent mobility.

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