The 4 Essential Guidelines for AI in Recruitment

November 2, 2018 Richard Justenhoven
AI in recruitment

The valuable role of AI in recruitment

In an article published in Global Recruiter, Richard Justenhoven, our product director, explores the role of Artificial Intelligence in the hiring process. In the article he suggests four guidelines to follow when using AI in recruitment.

There is potentially a strong and valuable role for AI in the recruitment process; to make it quicker and more efficient. But, as the article points out, “AI only really excels at two things: analysing massive amounts of data and conducting ‘narrow’ tasks – the sort of tasks you might outsource to a shared service centre.”  AI does have a role to play in supporting the different stages of hiring, from the gathering of information to create a role profile right through to CV screening and assessment test analysis. But AI can also support interviews and, indeed, at a later stage, also collect data for recruiters and hiring managers to be able to evaluate their decision. But one thing is clear; the final hiring decision is always to be made by the recruiter.

If we are to use AI in recruitment, we need to be aware of some important areas and the article concludes by offering four key guidelines to consider. These explore:

  1. How it is the recruiter that should set the initial goal and make the final hiring decision. AI is simply there to support and assist the process.
  2. The need to for interviews to remain a human activity. What impression does a candidate get from being interviewed by an avatar?
  3. The limited role that standard AI systems play and the need to develop custom AI systems in order to differentiate your employer brand – and offer the transparency of decisions.
  4. The ethical considerations we should be aware of such as how much support do we take from an AI system.

Read the full article.

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Richard Justenhoven

Richard Justenhoven is the product development director within Aon's Assessment Solutions. A leading organizational psychologist, Richard is an acknowledged expert in the design, implementation and evaluation of online assessments and a sought after speaker about such topics.

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