The Business Impact of Reducing Driver Risk

October 1, 2020 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Commercial drivers are essential workers for businesses that rely on transportation to deliver their products or passengers.

Accident and incident rates have severe consequences. Injury, vehicle repairs and damage to brand reputation – these all have a cost. Insurance is harder to obtain at an acceptable price and premiums rise. In a low margin business, cost is sensitive and can add up rapidly. However, not all claims and costs result from poor driving skills. Some are caused by a driver’s attitude or behavior.

As a talent acquisition decision-maker, you can hire drivers who are more likely to have the behaviors needed to have fewer accidents and incidents and who are safer at work.

We have proved that our talent assessments, brought together specifically as a suite of tests and questionnaires for use with commercial drivers and operators, can identify those more and less likely to be involved in accidents. Aon’s Drivers Suite of online tests focuses not on driving skills, but on the proven behaviors and capabilities that predict safe driving and machine operation. 

Positive Impact on Business

Our studies with clients illustrate the impact that deploying the Drivers Suite has on their business.

Reducing accidents and incidents

One client discovered the direct link between assessment scores and accident rate. The data showed that 71% of drivers with a low safety assessment score had been involved in an accident and were likely to have an accident every nine months. However, only 15% of those with a high safety score had had an accident and were likely to be involved in one only every 55 months.

These results suggested that, when compared to low safety score drivers, high safety score drivers had 78% lower accident probability and 68% fewer driving accidents per hour. This resulted in three times lower costs per hour worked.

Another client demonstrated that, those who scored highly on the assessment, had a 50% insurance claim value and 40% fewer incidents. If the firm screened out the lowest scorers from its hiring, it could see a 15% reduction in the claim value.

Greener driving

It is not just about avoiding accidents. Our research with a bus transport company also showed the link between safe driving and eco-friendly driving - a 25% reduction in fuel consumption by safer drivers.

Increased pass rate of initial training – saving HR resources

Focusing on the best candidates also helps to cut wasted training resources. One client saw an increase in the pass rate of its training course from 30% to 75% after introducing the Drivers Suite talent assessment into its redesigned selection approach. This process accomplished a 72% time saving, compared to their previous hiring approach. The company was able to reduce the number of interviews they needed to hire drivers by 66%.

Do You Really Need Assessments to Spot Safer Drivers?

One might assume that driving accidents at work are caused by younger drivers and those with little commercial driving experience. Our research with one client showed that there is no relationship between age and incident data or tenure and incident data.

Similarly, we found no correlation between manager ratings of their drivers and the incident rates of these drivers.

If we are not able to identify the best drivers from a pool of applicants or employees based on their application form or their manager reports, then maybe we need to look at more robust assessment methods?

Instant Results

With safer, less risky drivers in post, the impact is immediate. Unlike hiring in some other parts of a business, such as sales, marketing or administration, in which the onboarding and company familiarization needs to take place before any impact is felt, less risky drivers are cutting the likelihood of an accident from Day One.

What of Those People Already Working With You?

Due to the fact that Aon’s Drivers Suite identifies the behaviors – not the driving skills - linked with safer driving, it means that you can train and develop specific drivers in your current driver pool, thereby better managing the risk of accidents and incidents.

Your Next Step

To explore how Aon’s Drivers Suite could help you to hire drivers more likely to pass initial training, who are safer at work and who drive in a more environmentally friendly way, then contact us.


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