The Future of Recruitment and Talent Assessment

January 27, 2021 Aon's Assessment Solutions

The shape of the workforce is changing. Approximately 15% of the current total workforce are contractors and reliance on gig workers has increased, especially in IT roles.

In Aon’s Digital Readiness Survey, we found that 42% of organizations plan to use contingent workers as part of their future talent strategy. This means that not everyone within an organization’s workforce will be an employee committed to the company for the long term.

What is the impact of this for the individual worker, the recruiter and the talent development leader?

Individual Job Seekers Will Have Sole Responsibility for Their Careers

Regardless of specific employment contracts, we anticipate that all workers will take greater ownership of their career progression. The days of employers mapping out careers and punctuating the years with obligatory-defined training courses attended in person are over. Individuals will seek out their own opportunities for development, gathering new skills and competencies as they wish and finding out for themselves the career path that they want. Individuals will develop their career through a blend of different working models at different stages of life: full- and part-time employment; contracting; and freelancing.

Resumes will become a live, regularly-updated mix of track record and learnings, and outline aspirations. A central store or online repository to collect and collate all learning and qualifications will be owned by the individual and access given to potential employers as needed. To add to the depth of information and insight about a person, talent assessment profiles and scores may be added to this curated content.

Organizations Will Adapt to Handle Global Skills Shortages

Recruiters will learn to seek out the best talent – not just to serve the organization today, but to attract and hire those capable of the agility and resilience to adapt to future and as-yet-unknown challenges. They will look beyond the current job and role profiles, looking to assess during the selection stage areas of future-readiness: flexibility; curiosity; and learnability.

However, they will need to learn how to assess for such characteristics – something not yet happening in the majority of organizations. Aon’s Digital Readiness Survey highlighted that 61% do not know how to spot digital or future potential. Indeed, only 11% have hiring processes that currently incorporate assessments for digital competencies. Also, organizations will need to understand how to look for evidence of such characteristics in the resume.

A Time to Reinvent Career Credentials

Combine this greater individual ownership of all their career- and work-related information that goes well beyond a resume listing of dates and employment history with the changes in data privacy and there becomes a need for rethink of how career credentials are managed and shared across the global labor market. This change is happening now.

Future of Career Management

When job searching moved online, it revolutionized how job seekers looked for work. And now we are on the brink of another revolution. As individuals begin to take greater ownership of their personal and professional data (including assessment data), they will be in control of whom they share this with. In the future, we could see candidates allowing access to their verified training and educational qualifications and also talent assessment results to potential employers. With verification, this could speed up hiring and onboarding, while enabling the individual to retain their own data.

Such data ownership and portability will bolster a movement already taking place. That of individuals taking greater ownership of their own careers and not relying on managers to suggest promotions or talent teams to propose development plans.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how to assess for future readiness in your candidates. 

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