The Rise and Rise of Video Assessment

November 28, 2019 Richard Justenhoven

Our video assessment, vidAssess-AI, has just been given the Emerging Directions in Organisational Psychology award at the 2019 APS Workplace Excellence Awards in Australia. Read how our video assessment has changed the world of video interviewing.

award winning vidAssess-AI video assessment

We were delighted to learn that our video assessment, vidAssess-AI, won the Emerging Directions in Organisational Psychology award at the 2019 APS Workplace Excellence Awards in Australia.

Delighted not just because, in the words of the award giver, it recognizes our “efforts to support employee health and psychological well-being while enhancing organisational performance”, but also because it demonstrates how far applied AI has travelled and how it now is making a significant contribution to increasing objectivity in interviews.

Without a doubt, vidAssess-AI is at the forefront of video interviewing. Video interviewing platforms which simply recorded interviewees replying to questions to save travel and recruiter resource, have been superseded. Recent advancements mean that intelligent AI, built into our video interviewing platform, now scans the words spoken by interviewees in their responses and then codes or scores them in each competency area. By focusing on speech to text only, and using a natural language processing Artificial Intelligence, we eliminate human bias and ensure a legally defendable, fair and transparent process

To develop this thoroughly and reliably has taken significant investment and time; we needed to ‘teach’ the AI how to allocate what is said by the interviewees to the different competencies. The AI has ‘learned’ from HR experts, interviewers and psychologists. The result of this is an AI-based product which mimics what competency-based interviewers have been doing for years.

One thing we have taken care to ensure is that, despite the power of the AI system, we can never lose the human touch. The AI supported system does indeed highlight those candidates offering strong competency-related responses and flag those not scoring high in the competency areas, but the human recruiter is still able to override the score given by the system and decide if a candidate is taken forward or not.

vidAssess-AI is a true innovation in the market. We are setting new standards in the assessment industry, ensuring clients receive a valid and scientifically proven recruitment process, while improving efficiencies.

The important question that we are faced as we look at AI supporting HR and talent decision makers is “What should AI do?” and not “What can AI do?”


If you're interested in knowing more about how behaviors trump skills in the digital world, you can read the magazine "Future of HR" by Raconteur.

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Richard Justenhoven

Richard Justenhoven is the product development director within Aon's Assessment Solutions. A leading organizational psychologist, Richard is an acknowledged expert in the design, implementation and evaluation of online assessments and a sought after speaker about such topics.

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