Unlocking the True Power of Talent Assessments for Better Hiring

November 11, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

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The benefits of conducting talent assessments can be felt throughout an organization, for the smallest organizations as well as the largest enterprises. Deployed strategically, AI-based talent assessment can be utilized to classify candidates, make predictions and lead to better hiring decisions.

Finding the right people for your organization is critical, but talent assessments can ease some of that burden. Talent assessments can help uncover personality traits and determine if a candidate is right for your organization. Investing in this technology is crucial, because a thorough vetting upfront reduces turnover costs in the future.

Leveraging AI in talent assessments can help you to classify candidates, predict future performance, and ultimately make better hiring decisions.

Classifying Candidates

As an employer, you have an abundance of data about your employees and prospective hires. AI excels at classifying that data and identifying specific behavior patterns. Humans can do the work of classification, but they’re slower and less reliable than AI.

In the past, talent assessment professionals had to manually sort through videos to filter out candidates who were not the right fit. AI can speed that process up by classifying videos in a fraction of the time, allowing interviewers to focus on top candidates.

Natural language processing is the ultimate classification system. A video assessment’s audio information can be analyzed with real-time speech recognition that produces a text transcript of candidate responses.

Focusing on the text gives recruiters a deeper understanding of candidate responses. AI takes candidate videos and splits them up into all the different components. Natural language processing cleans the unstructured data of the audio in a systematic and comprehensive way, giving recruiters the transcript that can be scored by the AI for values, motivating factors, and other aspects of the candidate’s personality.

Predicting Performance

AI uses different statistical models — sometimes thousands of them at once — to come up with better forecasts. AI can predict likely hiring outcomes based on available data, tell you how accurate those predictions are and update its forecasting to enhance future efforts.

AI learns to evaluate based on intelligently designed psychometric models linked to solid job analysis. Humans often focus on specific behaviors and skills when they rate candidate responses, but AI can focus on broader competencies and identifiable behavioral anchors to get the big picture.

AI can understand and mimic a human’s ratings, then rate candidates in exactly the same way. This allows for a precise, efficient and bias-free assessment process that is defensible and can be easily explained. Unstructured data such as this is very important in the future of assessment.

Embracing Augmented Decision Making

Augmented decision making is the future of talent assessment. AI-driven technology can rapidly reduce the time required for talent assessment and boost the overall quality of recruitment efforts. Coupled with best-in-class AI tools and the right advisers, executives can improve the precision and efficiency of talent assessment and recruitment, which ultimately will lead to a stronger, more nimble, digital-ready workforce.

If you want to know more about how talent assessment can benefit from AI, we recommend this white paper "How Design Thinking is Transforming the Future of Talent Assessment."

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