Using Talent Assessments to Build Your Future-Ready Workforce

March 27, 2020 Marinus van Driel

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You’re probably all too aware that work is changing at a rapid rate — and that it’s harder than ever to hire for the skills your company will need in the future. Those hard skills that we’ve all been chasing--turns out they have a half-life of only five years, which means reskilling for hard skills alone is no longer practical. After all, hard skills can be picked up through training, but the soft skills your organization needs, such as critical thinking or listening, can be harder to develop.

We need a better talent strategy. Luckily, these soft skills are often grounded in personality traits — and we can both identify and measure these traits in your workforce. Many talent leaders use assessments exclusively for hiring. Only 55% have considered the role that talent assessments can play in identifying gaps in the workforce.

You need to know what makes your workforce tick, and talent assessments like ADEPT-15 can help you do exactly that. Understanding what your employees value and what motivates them can predict soft skills, behavioral characteristics and work aptitudes among your existing employees.

But talent assessments can also provide you with a foundation for mapping out key positions within your organization. Fifty-three percent of talent leaders are concerned with adopting future-facing career paths and development programs. But where do you start? Talent assessments help you find the skills gaps in your workforce, so you can start mapping tomorrow’s reskilling needs today.

Building career paths based on personality traits and characteristics provides a stronger basis for succession — and one that you can actually count on. When you identify the key traits that underscore success in different parts of your organization, you empower candidates to determine their career path based on their assessment results.

How are you laying a future-facing foundation in your workforce?

To learn more about building a future ready workforce, read our article in The Times Special Report: Talent Management 2020 Report.

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Marinus van Driel

Marinus van Driel, Ph.D. is a Managing Director within the Talent, Rewards, and Performance practice at Aon. His responsibilities include providing strategic, expert advisory, and transition management services to clients related to implementation and maintenance of enterprise-level talent assessment systems. Marinus holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology.

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