Volume Recruitment: How to Choose an Assessment Provider

April 30, 2020 Amber Harris

By Amber Harris

Assessing large numbers of candidates has its own challenges. You need to manage your selection process efficiently, effectively and true to your own employer brand. You need to give all applicants a fair chance, spot potential and identify which applicants to move forward fast. To do this, you need a hiring and assessment process which is robust, reliable, swift and candidate engaging, and an assessment provider that can deliver this.

With over 20 years of practical, in-house experience, here are my top tips of what to check out in a potential assessment provider.

The Usability of and Science Behind the Assessment

Make sure that the assessment is:

  • Quick and engaging - and feels relevant. It makes for high candidate completion rates.
  • Predictive of good performance.
  • Fair and objective and thereby supporting a more diverse attraction and hiring strategy.
  • As cheat proof as it can be. Look for ‘adaptive’ assessments so each candidate gets a different experience and set of questions dependent on how they answer, and it makes sharing of answers more difficult.
  • Capable of bespoke solutions that match your values and your role’s specific needs. Off-the-shelf assessment is tempting to reduce costs, but remember your goal is to find the best people for your company and job so think about the ROI.
  • Gamified (if required) rather than games based. This means that the core psychometrics are the foundation and game elements built around this rather than a game with a light assessment touch.

Sector Experience Matters

Look for an assessment partner that:

  • Provides benefit-led and results-based case studies and client recommendations.
  • Offers a variety of assessment tools that can be combined or used separately and supplies appropriate norm groups so you can make relevant comparisons.
  • Has experience in assessing your volume of applicants be this 2,000 or over a million.
  • Has the capability of applying tests and questionnaires internationally (if this is important to you), in a range of languages and understands the impact of this.
  • Has integrated its assessments into the ATS you use, or a similar one, or even has their own which you can deploy.

A Partnership Not a Transactional Sale

To get the most from the assessments you decide to use, seek out an assessment supplier that:

  • Invests in understanding of your business and your requirements.
  • Gives you the opportunity to tap into their pool of experts: Data analysts, scientists, occupational psychologists and industry experts with years of experience, who are future focused, agile and embrace change.
  • Creates a solution that differentiates your brand.
  • Provides a dedicated account manager and a pool of experts who will work as an extension of your team.
  • Supports you and your associates in understanding the ROI by investing in certain assessment processes and offers a range of sensible options based on your budget.

Candidate Centricity is Important

Work with an assessment supplier that views your candidates as importantly as you do. Look for a provider that:

  • Has the capability to wrap around your assessments using animations or videos if required.
  • Offers bespoke instant candidate feedback reports to offer something back to candidates and has hiring manager reports or interview guides that will get the best out of your applicants.
  • Can prove high completion rates and show candidate feedback is positive.

An Assessment Range for Volume Recruitment Hiring

Work with a provider that has volume recruitment tools such as:

  • Realistic Job Previews.
  • Situational Judgement Questionnaires.
  • Ability tests.
  • Personality assessments.
  • Video assessments (ideally with AI to save time and reduce bias).
  • Virtual assessment exercises.
  • Face to Face assessments with the option of using this via a paperless platform.

The Five Considerations in Short:

If you are looking to refresh your volume recruitment hiring process and introduce standardized assessments, then please get in touch.

About the Author

Amber Harris

Amber Harris is an Account Manager with over 20 years recruitment experience within the UK, such as Talent Acquisition for Volume and Management roles, Attraction, Selection and Early Careers. As an Account Manager with Assessment Solutions by Aon, formerly cut-e, Amber has worked alongside occupational psychologists to manage the delivery of volume recruitment campaigns for companies that include easyJet, M&S and Ocado. Due to her recruitment experience, she is able to put herself into her clients‘ shoes when solving clients problems and looking at commercials. Amber’s account work to date has spanned a range of private sector organizations including aviation, retail and telecommunications.

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