Why Should Organizations Pay Attention to Candidate Experience as Well as the Employee Experience?

October 20, 2020 Aon's Assessment Solutions

An interesting article in The Sunday Times Special Report explores the shift away from measuring ‘employee engagement’ and focuses on the ‘employee experience’.

It offers an insight into how employees perceive their employers to be surveying and acting on feedback about the employee experience. Approximately 40% report that they have no way of sharing their experience as an employee. Although, of those who do, a strong 84% say that their feedback is used to improve the employee experience. That same survey also asked about the employer’s delivery of a great customer experience. The survey found that 73% believe that their employer does offer a great customer experience.

This article was focused on the employee experience. What about those candidates looking to join an organization? How is their experience measured?

We work with many organizations across the globe to help develop their candidates’ experience.
Our teams help to give the hiring team real insight when it comes to candidates’ abilities, preferences and fit with the role – and with future roles. At the same time, we also provide detail on how candidates can learn more about themselves and the job for which they are applying.
So why is a good candidate experience important?

A good candidate experience is commercially advantageous

Studies have shown that applicants who feel positive or satisfied with their candidate experience go on to recommend the company to others. One study reported that 62% of applicants who were satisfied with their candidate experience – regardless of whether or not they were offered a job – recommended the hiring organization to others. Only 28% do this if they experience a less satisfactory candidate experience.1

There is also the example of Virgin Media, a British telecommunications company. The company tracked the consumer behavior of rejected candidates. It estimated that 18% of their applicants were also customers. They calculated that, of the 123,000 applicants who were rejected, 6% ended their Virgin Media subscriptions. Over one year, this was a loss of $5.4 million in revenue. The company dug deeper into the cause of candidates terminating their subscriptions and found it was largely due to poor candidate experience.2

A good candidate experience helps to hire great talent

Our client-based studies have shown that building a more engaging, transparent and respectful process delivers great candidate feedback and helps secure the hire of the best talent.

A good candidate experience gives a more realistic view of the job to potential applicants
We also know that by adding insight to the role via a well-thought-out careers page and/or realistic job preview, potential candidates get a clearer idea of a role’s expectations. Employers are sometimes guilty of ‘overselling’ a job to make it more attractive. This can backfire if it does not reflect the reality. They may join – and then leave – or may be unsuited to the role and be asked to leave. One example is easyJet’s Try Before You Fly process.

A good candidate experience gives something back to candidates

Completing assessments takes time. Candidates are already investing in your company before they get an offer. You have gathered insightful information about their skills, strengths and development areas, so why not share this with your candidates – even if you do not make them an offer? We believe that feedback should always be given to all candidates and our Candidate Reports have been designed with this specific goal in mind.

It is clear that the candidate experience is important. We have identified nine building blocks to build a strong candidate experience. Read about them here.

If you are just starting out and wanting to benchmark your current candidate experience, then we can work together to measure this by developing a Candidate Net Promoter Score (NPS®).

Contact us to see how you can improve your candidate experience.

1. The Far-reaching Impact of Candidate Experience. IBM Smarter Workforce, 2017.
2. Steiner, K. (15 March, 2017). Bad Candidate Experience Cost Virgin Media $5M Annually – Here is How They Turned That Around.

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