Identifying the Skills, Behaviors and Aptitudes of Potential Maintenance Technicians in the Manufacturing Sector

January 28, 2021 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Strong maintenance technicians have a sought-after combination of attributes. These include access to a wide range of trade-related skills and knowledge and also a depth of experience to troubleshoot problems. Possessing a clear focus on safety, they work effectively across the facility.
However, there is a shortage of maintenance workers. Fewer younger people are entering the role and a substantial portion of the skilled maintenance workforce is nearing retirement age. This makes hiring the right person even more critical.

This Aon client chose us to design an assessment model to help pinpoint the essential maintenance attributes in their candidates. Having built the assessment process, we carried out a validation study to ensure the assessments were able to predict job performance.

The results showed that the assessments predicted:

  • Job effectiveness
  • The best performers
  • Those with a concern for safety
  • Those that the company would choose to rehire

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