How AI in Recruitment Improves Talent Assessment

Using AI in recruitment can help HR effectively assess and identify talent with key capabilities. Success in this digital era will depend on organizations being able to attract, retain and motivate the right people. Talent assessments that incorporate artificial intelligence can help identify and select candidates who are likely to be successful—giving your company a competitive edge.

AI can increase the precision and efficiency of assessment and lead to quicker and better selection decisions. However, it is important that you choose the right technology – and get the right support – in order to achieve your objectives.

Model Future Scenarios

Companies can use AI to model scenarios and then design development paths that will allow people to perform in the jobs of the future that cannot yet be clearly defined. With sufficient runway, employees whose jobs will be automated or changed can be retrained and become an internal talent supply.

Rethink Talent Models

What skills and behaviors create value? While technical skills are important, nontechnical traits—like curiosity or adaptability—are essential for the digital age. AI-driven assessments help identify the core capabilities that drive growth and find candidates with those behaviors.

Increase HR Efficiency

AI offers the opportunity to automate routine transactions and manual tasks—many of which are administrative or repetitive processes. Automating steps in the recruitment process can free up hiring managers’ time for more complex projects. 

Create Actionable Insights

Employers have an abundance of data about employees and prospective new hires. AI excels at classifying data and identifying specific behavior patterns. Using algorithms and machine learning, AI can create actionable insights or interpret implications relevant to talent strategy.

Approach Processes With Fairness

AI can understand how a human would assess a candidate and replicate the same process. This validity in selection allows for an efficient and bias-free assessment process. AI’s ability to accurately and efficiently analyze unstructured data is at the heart of the future of talent assessment

To learn how to attract, retain and motivate talent using assessment solutions, read our white paper Assessing Digital Competencies to Create the Workforce of the Future.


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