Infographic: Building the Public Sector Workforce of the Future

October 21, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

For public sector employers, success in the digital era will depend on their ability to attract, retain and motivate the right people with the right digital competencies. The article below outlines the data presented in the Infographic: Building the Government Workforce of the Future.

The Challenges of a Public Sector Talent Leader:

Improving the candidate experience:

In the public sector, it is not uncommon to have long hiring processes. Although organizations want to ensure they select the best candidates, an onerous process can be off-putting for those who are also pursued by the private sector. It's time the public sector put more effort into creating a compelling, candidate-centered experience.

Reducing bias:

Bias can reside in the subconscious and may not always be apparent. Using AI in assessment can reduce bias and facilitate a diverse workforce when applied appropriately. 

Preparing for the future:

Resilience, adaptability and curiosity are key to building a nimble, digitally ready workforce.  Leading organizations are adapting their talent models and focusing on assessing these crucial digital competencies. 

Download our whitepaper Building the Government Workforce of the Future to learn more about how next-generation assessments can help public sector employers attract and retain top talent now and into the future.

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