Arriving at the Workforce of the Future

The biggest challenge for organizations on their journey to digital transformation is not technological capability. The limiting factor is the lack of talent able to imagine the digital future - and make it a reality.

While organizations are able to develop and deploy digital products in three or six months, many falter when incorporating these products into their business model and interfacing with clients in new ways. Those people with the vision, agility and curiosity to make this happen, are those most sought after.

We know that many organizations have already built a vision of their digital future: defining the products to develop, the markets to be in, the customers to serve. We believe that this vision can only be executed by designing the future digital workforce.

By taking this step and rethinking the people needed, talent leaders can be clear on the next-step actions. They must understand how roles will change, the skills of people they have right now and who can be developed into those future roles and where they can find new skills. They must articulate their employee value proposition, design an attraction strategy and hire the best talent to take the business forward.

It’s those organization that can be nimble and creative at designing the workforce of the future that will see accelerated success.

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