Set Skills Aside: Find the Behaviors You Need to Succeed

November 26, 2019 Andreas Lohff

We all face disruption from technology that’s transforming our work landscape. But work as we know it isn’t going away — it’s just evolving rapidly.

Your organization has to keep up with the rate of change, but how? The answer may surprise you — it isn’t skills that are key to a future-ready workforce, but behaviors.

Currently, hard skills have only a five-year half life. When you’re hiring for the future, you need longevity, and hiring based solely on hard skills can miss the mark. It turns out that personality traits and behaviors are a better predictor of success. Skills can always be learned, but behaviors are much harder to change.

Behaviors are part of a candidate’s personality. Once you find a candidate with the traits you need, you can be sure those traits will be useful throughout the candidate’s time at your organization. But what traits do you need, and how can you measure them?

There are a few critical traits your organization needs to be successful in a digitally driven future — and your organization probably already has them. Digital competence doesn’t have to come from elite experiences with technology. On the contrary, personality traits like adaptability, agility, curiosity and learnability are much better predictors of success than expiring skill sets are. Traits like these lay the groundwork for innovation, and that’s exactly what your organization needs.

You need to know the behaviors, skills and motives of employees across your workforce, and our talent assessments can help. They provide you a snapshot of your workforce, and show you places where you can fill any gaps.

By empowering employees to learn their strengths, you can open up career tracks for them while also planning for the future.

How are you evaluating candidates and current employees for these behaviors?

If you're interested in knowing more about how behaviors trump skills in the digital world, read the magazine "Future of HR" by Raconteur. Find it here!

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Andreas Lohff

Andreas Lohff is CEO of Aon's Assessment Solution and is a strategic assessment specialist and a distinguished business psychologist. As CEO, he leads the company’s growth and manages its international development within the Human Capital Solutions practice. Andreas co-founded the cut-e Group, a global talent management and assessment specialist, in 2002 and was its Managing Director when the company was acquired by Aon plc in 2017. Aon's Assessment Solutions undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

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