Stronger Together: AI and Recruiters

September 12, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Video interviewing has changed beyond recognition with the inclusion of AI. How can AI and the human recruiter work together?

It is clear that AI has a role to play in talent management – not least in the hiring process. But is there value beyond speed and accuracy of working with AI?

We have seen how video interviewing has been transformed with the inclusion of AI. Our vidAssess-AI platform, developed with subject matter experts in machine learning, scores the words spoken by the candidates in their video interviews. The AI searches for evidence of behaviors and competencies just as a human interviewer would – and then offers a ‘score’. It’s clear that the value of the AI in this application is in the speed and accuracy at which it can review, screen and score video interviews. It means that decisions about which candidates to progress can be made more quickly, delivering a better candidate experience and saving hiring resources. Think of the time saved from watching dozens of video clips! Of course, speed is of little use if the accuracy isn’t there. But we have proved that the scoring of our AI is as reliable and accurate as a human scoring the responses.

Without doubt, AI can be good at these tasks. But what of the human role? In the case of vidAssess-AI, the human recruiter decides who to look more closely at and take further based on the score. But when the video interview is not of good enough quality or the AI hasn’t been able to score it robustly, a flag is raised to the human recruiter who then intervenes.

It seems that this is a good example of how AI and human can not only work together effectively but actually deliver a better and stronger process for candidates and the hiring team alike. Decisions are made more quickly, hiring resources are more focused and candidates perceive a greater fairness to the process.

This opinion is reinforced by Jack Porter, Director and Chairman of Technology Board, Gig Capital in a short one minute video. He talks about how, together, humans and AI can offer a robust way forward which is stronger than when each operates in the absence of the other.

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