Aon's Assessment Solutions Launches First True Mobile Assessment Capability

Aon's Assessment Solutions, the global leader in online testing and assessment, now delivers robust psychometric assessments for reliable completion on mobile handheld devices.

Psychometric assessment has been available online for years but end user usage has changed dramatically in this time with the rapid growth of smartphone and tablets. The challenge facing test developers has been to design tests which retain their technical psychometric properties when displayed and completed on a smartphone or tablet. Dr Achim Preuss, co-founder and MD of Aon's Assessment Solutions, comments, “Mobile devices are a core part of daily life and the demands from candidates to complete tests not sat at a PC or laptop, but on their mobile device has been strong. The difficulty for test developers is that, with differing sizes of screen, user choice of orientation, and different ways to navigate, swipe and pinch screens how can a test experience be standardised – and timed?”

Dr Preuss continues, “Our development team has been working on this over the course of 2 years and now we’re delighted to announce what we believe to be the first mobile ready psychometric assessment.”

David Barrett, COO of Aon's Assessment Solutions, expands on this, “Demand from our clients and their candidates has been great. Those applying to organisations now want to complete assessments – whether they are of ability, personality or work-style preference – online and on the go. They want to do this using their own device and the one they most use and feel comfortable with. Harnessing HTML5 has meant that we at Aon can now develop and deliver psychometric tests which reliably deliver accurate, timed assessments independent of bandwidth.“

One client, a German-based multinational organisation, has deployed this cut-e development for use on its job navigation tool. Capable on being used on tablet devices, this tool supports school leavers in their choice of training programme at the company, and incorporates Aon standardised – and unsupervised - assessments of preferences and abilities as well as spatial, number and text-based competency timed tests.

The administration via tablet device has not compromised test reliability or candidate performance and has enhanced the candidate experience. “We’ve been working with this organisation and ironing out the issues of designing and transferring assessments to mobile device usage,” Dr Preuss continues. “Hurdles needed to be overcome around the need for both portrait and landscape orientation, how the user swipes or touches the screen, the need for all content to be visible on all screens without the need to scroll or zoom.”

“What we have developed is the expertise to create secure and fair testing on mobile devices for unsupervised selection processes – and this sits alongside our innovation in candidate attraction tools (using Realistic Job Previews) and those used post-hire such as multirater feedback tools, optimised for mobile devices.”

Aon’s Assessment Solutions is part of Aon’s global Human Capital business, helping clients achieve sustainable growth by driving business performance through people performance. Aon’s Assessment Solutions undertakes 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

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