Assessment Insights Help to Create a Motor Racing ‘Dream Team’

Psychometric tests from international assessment specialist Aon's Assessment Solutions have already helped to identify talented drivers for professional racing teams across Europe. Now, for the first time, Aon's Assessment Solutions assessments are systematically being used to recruit and develop a whole race team.

V1Logic, a UK company which specialises in data analysis to develop drivers and race teams, has created a validated profile of the traits and characteristics of successful professional racing drivers. The company used Aon's Assessment Solutions assessments to measure the attitude, competencies and abilities of hundreds of drivers, including their determination, autonomy and competitiveness. It then correlated these results with racing simulation and on-track performance data for each individual.

Jay Marshall, Human Engineer at V1Logic, said: “To get into Formula One, the highest class of single-seat auto racing, you have to come through the junior Formulas and usually that’s only possible if you have wealthy backers. We wanted to find a way to identify talented drivers who couldn’t afford this option. With the metrics and psycho-physiological data from our research, we now know the specific characteristics that make successful drivers. Individuals with these qualities will more easily reach a high performance state called ‘flow’, in which the thinking part of the brain quietens down and automatic processes take over.”

V1Logic is now helping UK race team Fortec Motorsports to recruit and develop engineers, mechanics and managers who can effectively support talented drivers.

“As well as helping Fortec to develop drivers, we’re also assessing their whole race team,” said Jay Marshall. “This is very important because if a driver doesn’t have the right team behind them, they’ll never achieve optimum performance. Again, we’re using Aon's Assessment Solutions assessments to better understand what good and bad looks like in each role. Fortec will then be able to recruit new team members who fit this validated profile. They’ll gain insights which will not only help them to develop all their staff, they’ll also be able to allocate teams of engineers and mechanics who will be compatible with each driver.”

Fortec Motorsports receives around 15 unsolicited CV approaches every day. Applicants are invited to take Aon's Assessment Solutions ability and personality tests. Aon's Assessment Solutions has also developed visio-spatial tests specifically for mechanics to complete.

“Aon's Assessment Solutions assessments provide the vital first step in ensuring that candidates are the right fit for Fortec and for the available roles,” said Jay Marshall. “Fortec’s strapline is ‘talent wins races but teamwork and intelligence win championships’. They recognise the importance of choosing their employees carefully, so they can create a ‘dream team’ who can achieve high performance. In the racing world, this is a very progressive approach. With the insights from Aon's Assessment Solutions assessments, we’ll create best-fit teams and ensure that the right people work together productively.”

Howard Grosvenor, Director of Professional Services for Aon's Assessment Solutions UK, said: “Motor racing is such a competitive sport that every single miniscule gain - whether it’s in the car, the driver or the support team - can make a significant difference in winning races. When every other race team is strong, you have to find new ways to beat the competition and be the best you can. It’s the same for any business team that’s working under pressure. This is a great example of the value that assessments can provide when your goal is to recruit and develop a strong team that can achieve high performance and withstand change.”

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Background notes: Founded in 2002, cut-e (pronounced ‘cute’) provides online tests, questionnaires and gamified assessments for attraction, selection, talent management and development. In May 2017, cut-e was acquired by Aon plc (NYSE:AON), a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions. cut-e now operates as part of Aon’s global offering in talent solutions, helping clients achieve sustainable growth by driving business performance through people performance. cut-e and Aon undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.
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