Aon's Assessment Solutions Introduces New Personality Test Option

As an enhancement to its product portfolio, assessment specialist Aon's Assessment Solutions is now distributing Aon’s Adaptive Employee Personality Test (ADEPT-15) worldwide, outside of the United States.

Aon’s ADEPT-15 is a 25-minute, science-based questionnaire which measures 15 aspects of personality and six work styles. Designed for graduate, management, professional and executive roles, it can be used for talent acquisition, leadership development, coaching and team effectiveness applications. The result of 50 years of research into personality and psychology, ADEPT-15 has been administered 8 million times by organisations globally.

“Accurately measuring the unique aspects of an individual’s personality can help employers to identify, select, develop and promote top talent,” said Dr Achim Preuss, Chief Technology Officer at Aon's Assessment Soltuions. “ADEPT-15 is an award-winning personality test which uses modern data science, ‘item response theory’ and adaptive psychometric techniques to optimise the measurement process and prevent users from ‘faking’ the test. We’re delighted to include it on our test platform and offer it as part of our portfolio - alongside our shapes personality assessment - as it’s a globally-relevant and fair test which provides an accurate prediction of on-the-job behaviour.”

The 15 aspects of personality measured by ADEPT-15 include drive, structure, conceptual, flexibility, mastery, ambition, power, cooperativeness, sensitivity, humility, composure, positivity, awareness, assertiveness and liveliness.

The six work styles measured are task, adaptation, achievement, teamwork, emotional and interaction.

ADEPT-15 is available in 25 languages and it has been optimised for administration via desktop computers and all types of mobile devices, so candidates can complete it when and where it is convenient to do so. A wide range of reporting options are available.

Aon is a global professional services firm which acquired Aon's Assessment Soltuions last year.  Assessment Solutions is now part of Aon.

“One of the benefits of us joining the Aon family is that we can combine resources and enhance our product portfolio,” said Dr Preuss. “We are working on a personality questionnaire system which will enable clients to pre-select the required traits and competencies for each role, based on a detailed job analysis, and then generate a questionnaire which will only display items that relate to those specific traits. This will make the assessment shorter and more cost effective, which means that employers will be able to use a personality test earlier in the selection process. ADEPT-15 gives us the flexibility to achieve this.”

For further information about Aon’s personality assessment options, please visit our website.

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