Deloitte Ireland, supported by cut-e, wins award for best innovation in graduate recruitment


Deloitte Ireland won the 2018 ‘best innovation on campus’ award at the GradIreland Graduate Recruitment Awards. This was for a number of new on-campus attraction and selection initiatives, including a state-of-the-art mobile-enabled assessment developed by cut-e. Deloitte was also recognised as Ireland’s best graduate employer.

The GradIreland awards are the highest accolade for graduate recruiters in Ireland. Deloitte won the best innovation award after changing its graduate selection process to identify high potential candidates who aligned with the firm’s approach, attitudes and values. cut-e worked with Deloitte to create a realistic and valid assessment that would deliver an engaging, different and memorable candidate experience and give applicants an insight into the role.

“This new application and assessment process allows prospective graduates to gain insights into the role and responsibilities of a graduate Deloitte at application stage therefore telling us who is going to be the best fit with our business” said Finola Gallagher-Taffe, Graduate Recruitment Manager at Deloitte. “It also builds brand engagement through a significantly improved user experience and a chance to engage with the firm in an innovative and interactive way.”

cut-e created a customised version of its chatAssess instant messaging-style situational judgement test. This assesses how candidates respond in job-relevant scenarios and challenges. When incoming messages, questions or requests for advice are received from different virtual colleagues, candidates choose which messages they want to reply to, in real time, and they select and submit a predefined response. The response options include the defined Deloitte response which best reflects the firm’s competencies and way of working. The other responses are realistic possible answers developed by cut-e, based on the approaches of other businesses. chatAssess reacts to each candidate’s selected choice by sending back another message. To capture analytics, all responses from the ‘conversations’ are coded so that accurate and meaningful data is collected.
chatAssess has been incorporated into Deloitte’s overall attraction and selection campaign alongside a mobile-enabled online application form. The results have enabled Deloitte Ireland to recruit higher quality candidates, build brand engagement and deliver a significantly improved candidate experience.

The GradIreland Graduate Recruitment Awards were presented at Dublin’s Mansion House on 25 April 2018. According to the judges, Deloitte Ireland was lauded for having an “outstanding” graduate programme. “There is a sharp focus on innovation in many areas including marketing, application process, [and] digital engagement. There is also a strong focus on giving candidates a positive, consistent experience clearly aligned with overall business strategy,” added the judges.

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Background notes: Founded in 2002, cut-e (pronounced ‘cute’) is part of Aon’s Assessment Solutions, a global talent solutions group within Aon plc (NYSE: AON). Aon is a leading professional services firm which provides a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions. cut-e provides online tests, questionnaires as well as video and gamified assessments for attraction, selection, talent management and development. Aon’s Assessment Solutions, which also includes the cocubes brand, undertakes 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages. For further information, please call Amanda Dawson (PR contact) on +44(0)20-8953 8863 or e-mail her at amanda(at)


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