New Tailored Assessments can Reduce Accidents by Testing the Disposition of Drivers

December 4, 2017 Aon's Assessment Solutions


A suite of tailored assessments that is designed to assess anyone who drives for a living - whether they drive a train, lorry, bus, coach, ferry, taxi, community vehicle, forklift truck or delivery van - has been expanded by Aon's Assessment Solutions, the international assessment specialist.

The Drivers Suite is a series of five tests which measure whether individuals have the disposition and the attributes to drive safely and attentively. Tailored versions of these assessments are now available for drivers in any sector. They can be customised to include appropriate signs and symbols for drivers of ferries, trains, buses and any other commercial vehicle, to make them feel relevant to candidates in each industry. The tests are optimised for mobile devices, so candidates can complete them when and where it is convenient to do so.

“Despite the ongoing development of computerised driving assistance systems, commercial drivers will always have the ultimate responsibility for the safety of their passengers or cargo and their vehicles,” said Dr Achim Preuss, Chief Technology Officer at Aon's Assessment Solutions. “If any driver suffers from inattentiveness, fatigue, stress or aggression, or if they’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they can cause serious or fatal injuries. Screening whether or not someone is likely to behave in this way can help you to lower the risk of accidents, save unnecessary costs, protect valuable vehicles and safeguard your reputation. However, in the past, it has been expensive and impractical to assess candidates for low-paid driving roles. Now, with these tests, it is quick and easy to determine which of your applicants are likely to drive safely and attentively.”

The five tests in the Drivers Suite measure a candidate’s ability to concentrate; their reaction speed; their spatial orientation; their ability to perform several tasks simultaneously under time pressure and their ability to remember information. Their personality and behavioural tendencies can also be examined separately to check for aspects such as impulse control, ethical awareness, trustworthiness and the likelihood of whether they’ll behave counterproductively at work.

“An overall score can then be attained for each candidate,” said Dr Preuss. “To be vigilant in their role, commercial drivers - regardless of what vehicle they drive - need important attributes such as quick reactions and the ability to concentrate and multitask. By assessing each candidate’s competencies and disposition, these tests will predict whether an individual will be a safe driver who is able to deal effectively with the challenges they’ll face. Anyone who achieves a low score in these tests will have a greater tendency to cause accidents.”

As well as rejecting unsuitable applicants from the hiring process, short three-minute versions of the Drivers Suite tests can be used as ‘pre-shift checks’ to assess whether employees are overtired, stressed or intoxicated when they ‘clock in’.

“Many companies find that it isn’t possible to safety-check all of their drivers prior to every shift, because they employ so many people,” said Dr Preuss. “However, a short test can be conducted via a laptop on-site and if an employee is ‘flagged’, they can then be assessed one-to-one by a supervisor who can confirm whether or not they’re fit for work. This helps companies to ensure that their drivers are clear-headed and attentive when they start every shift.”

The tests within the Drivers Suite can also be used to assess candidates for job roles that involve operating heavy machinery, such as construction, engineering or hydraulic equipment.

The Drivers Suite is available in 21 languages. For further information about assessing drivers or machine operators, please clicke here.

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