Mid-Year Review: Aon's Top 5 Trending HR Articles

Here are the top 5 trending human capital articles at Aon for 2018 (so far). Enjoy your reading!

5. How to Manage People Risk

Your employees: They are your most important asset; but also your biggest risk. From individuals making risky or adverse decisions to organizations not quantifying the impact or retirement and knowledge loss. Learn what the 10 inherent people risks are and what you can do to control and prepare for them.

4. Global Employee Engagement Rebounds in 2018

After last year's drop, employee engagement levels are back to their all-time high. Although most companies continue to face disruption and uncertainty, a robust and expanding economy offers more opportunity to invest in people. The most successful organizations help employees better understand the opportunities that arise during times of change. 

Our latest report examines how forces such as improving economics and greater stability are likely causing an all-time high with employee engagement. 

3. Compensation Planning for Millennials

In just two years, half of the workforce will be millennials. By 2025, three quarters will be millennials. What are you doing to ensure your rewards programs are aligning to the expectations of millennials in the workplace, in order to attract and retain the best talent?

2. People Trends 2018

Nearly every day we hear news about cyber breaches, banking controversies and sexual harassment violations … incidents that are unlikely to abate in 2018.  But what can HR professionals do to begin mitigating their people risk?

1. Breaking Down Barriers to Pay Equity
A renewed focus on the wage gap is prompting business leaders to look for gaps in pay equity. But rather than applying a Band-Aid approach that will require organizations to revisit the issue in a year or two, businesses should adopt an analytical perspective to remove barriers to pay equity for both the short-term and long-term. 

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