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Scaling the Digitally-Ready Workforce Report

Aon's 2020 Digital Readiness Report

What is digital readiness?

Digital readiness enables people to navigate through the digital world of work successfully and feel comfortable in a digital environment. Digital readiness can be applied to individuals, teams and organizations. A digitally-ready workforce can quickly adapt to an ever-changing work environment. This is one of the reasons digital readiness has been identified as a key competence in more and more companies: we live in a VUCA world.

The idea of economic disruption is not new; however, the pace of it has quickened. It now arrives not in discreet, predictable waves, but in the unrelenting torrent of a waterfall.

Research showed that regardless of the source of the disruption, workers are looking for more support and guidance to prepare themselves for future employment than management is providing.

Seeing this gap, Aon decided to launch a study on individual's perception of their organization's ability to attract, hire, reward, develop and retain digitally-ready talent.

Who participated?

 1,551 participants from across the globe.

44% work in HR, 12% in IT.

22% from the professional services industry, 18% from the engineering and manufacturing industry.


What are the key findings?

Developing and executing an effective digital strategy remains a challenge for many organizations.


 Globally, most organizations are not built to support flexible teams, but there are notable differences by region.


Most organizations have not defined the critical competencies they will need in the future, nor have they established a process to assess for them.


Most organizations are not maximizing the potential of their internal talent’s potential.


Major gaps have emerged in how people perceive digital readiness of teams compared to organizations.


Most organizations' rewards programs are not designed to attract and retain digital talent.


 HR professionals were less confident in their organization's digital readiness than other roles.


Why should you read this report?

  • Digital readiness is now more important than ever: a future-proof workforce will decide whether or not your organization can master the challenges of the digital transformation.
  • You will receive a global view on how individuals perceive their organization's ability to attract, hire, reward, develop and retain digitally-ready talent.
  • The report offers real-life examples how organizations from various industries have taken on the digital transformation.
  • Digital is changing the way we all work. All organizations must rethink how their people can manage this transition. This report will serve as an inspiration how you can manage the transition in your company.

Do you prefer to talk to us about digital readiness? Contact us here.

About the Author

Aon creates smart measurement solutions with valid and innovative online assessment products. Aon is globally the preferred partner for organisations who demand the best.

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