Hiring the Best Young Talent for Beiersdorf

January 24, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Hiring the Best Young Talent for Beiersdorf

With world-renowned brands including Nivea and Eucerin and a strong employer brand, Beiersdorf has little difficulty attracting young talent. The company has developed a comprehensive talent strategy for young people — from apprentices and students to interns, working students and trainees. Beiersdorf receives thousands of applicants for trainee roles and needs to be able to spot strong candidates early on and in a fair and efficient manner.

By integrating online assessment with its applicant tracking system, the company has increased its efficiency and the likelihood of selecting the best talent.

Homing in on the best applicants each year Beiersdorf receives 3,000 applications for its six trainee roles. Therefore, it’s essential for the hiring team to focus on the best candidates early on and maintain its positive employer brand. To do this, Beiersdorf chose an online application process.

The hiring team engaged Aon’s Assessment Solutions and set two clear requirements for its selection process: To make use of valid selection tools and to implement a modern and automated application process.

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