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Job Automation is One of the Big Key Themes for HR Today

It really does impact organizational structures and talent assessment and talent strategy of the company. So we have different stats there, for example Deloitte is predicting that 47 percent of today's jobs will actually be gone in in the next like ten years time and those jobs are not just disappearing, but jobs are actually changing and evolving and with that we need people to also change and evolve with them. So we need to find out who is actually able to do this, who is able to adapt to those new challenges and evolve with their jobs.

Today we don't really know what jobs will be invented in the future. We do know there will be jobs in the future and we do know that there will be jobs that are likely to be automated and I think we have a good idea of what jobs are likely to be automated just because we know what type of tasks can actually be taken over by machines.

So what are the type of tasks that machines, robots would be good at and then what type of tasks are actually tasks where we need humans and human abilities and competencies to perform well. So I think we have a good idea of the direction in general but we don't really know what the jobs will look like and this is why we also have this big challenge of not knowing what specific skills are needed for those jobs because we don't know yet what technologies will be there. We don't know that yet. What specific tools do you need to be able to use and this is why we are focusing so much on the more overarching foundational competencies.

So if you have a person who is willing to learn something new and who's able to learn something new, who likes to adapt to changes then we know that this person will also be able to adapt to new jobs and new job requirements and actually then learn those new technologies that will be relevant even if we don't know yet what it will be.

We defined it by actually trying to and come up with a holistic model, like a framework of what competencies are actually relevant in the digital world of work.

So what will help our employees to adapt and to thrive in this very uncertain in the biggest environment and what we saw is that actually competencies - and we have defined them as core competencies of the model like learnability, agility and curiosity - those are really the competencies highly relevant and there we will say like this is what makes a person digitally ready. This is what makes a person able to perform well in the digital world of work and navigate through it in a good way.

It’s a good question to think about how can we actually reward people. How people that show those behaviors that we want them to show, like behaviors that are actually future-proof. So things like, learnabilities or learning new things and actually learning about new technologies and I think what is really important is - you know when you imagine there's a person who likes to learn something new. So we actually need to give them the opportunity to learn something new and we need to give them an ROI of process as they go through.

So if for example we say, you're part of a Development Center now and we want to see what a good next career step would be for you and then this person will not only want to have the output - often the organization that knows where they should go to. What they would want to know for themselves and they would want to know what and specific trainings they could do. How can they develop and what can they learn new. So if we have the opportunity to give something back to the employees, to give something back and they can do something with it and actually use it for their own personal development I think that would be perfect.

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Hear Lena Justenhoven explain why job automation is one of the big key themes for HR today:

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