Empowering Community-Oriented Policing

The use of talent assessment to mitigate risk

Between 2015 and 2020, the largest US cities paid out more than $2 billion to settle police misconduct claims — money that could have been reinvested into the community had that misconduct been prevented. Ineffective staffing choices at law enforcement agencies puts their mission to serve the community at risk of failure. Law enforcement officers who engage with the community in an unproductive manner, make poor decisions or fail to de-escalate situations create risks for individuals, the community, their law enforcement agency and the municipality. One poor choice could put the lives of the officer or individuals in the vicinity at risk. A single failure to de-escalate a situation could result in property damage, injury or death. These impair morale within the agency and the community and result in lawsuits that pull money from the municipality and the agency.

With so much at stake, hiring and developing officers with the right workstyles and values is paramount. Many law enforcement agencies are taking a critical look at how they recruit, select and train officers to eliminate brutality, restore trust with the communities they serve and reduce the risk of costly and damaging lawsuits.

One crucial way to reduce these risks is to engage in community-oriented policing. This model, which focuses on developing relationships with community members, often requires agencies to make adjustments to their hiring and training processes. By making the right hiring decisions, agencies can ensure that law enforcement officers appropriately engage with the community, de-escalate situations, hold themselves and others accountable and demonstrate empathy and sensitivity toward others.

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