Guidebook: Creating an Immersive Candidate Experience for Early Stage Talent

The early careers landscape is changing. Organizations are facing new challenges and increased candidate expectations, and are planning for an uncertain future.

Graduates, apprentices and interns are applying to more organizations than usual and yet may be chasing fewer opportunities. Furthermore, this is the first ‘digital-native’ generation of graduate jobseekers and candidates have high expectations from a digital selection process.

Employers are hiring those who will navigate the future – and whatever that may bring. Our research shows that nearly 90% of organizations that hire early careers talent are looking to measure each candidate’s growth mindset.

Competition in the hiring marketplace emphasizes the need for brand-supporting attraction and selection processes to engage with those candidates who have the strongest alignment with the firm.

Candidates are keen to better understand an organization and its opportunities. Candidate engagement and connection is a bare minimum. Recruiters need to immerse candidates in the firm itself, showcasing roles and experiences. They need to share the organization’s values, strategy and purpose with candidates.

In this guide we look at how to build an immersive candidate experience that goes beyond engagement to also educate prospective employees.

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