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August 12, 2020 Deepika Pant

The quality of people determines the quality of an organization. Their knowledge and skillsets are the backbone of an organization’s development. Although different job roles require different technical competencies from people, their reasoning capabilities and the rate at which they learn and adapt to the job play a crucial role in determining their success at the workplace.

Reasoning and logic are an inseparable part of human existence. We, as humans try to derive logic in almost all situations of our life. However, these capabilities differ from person to person. Employees with high reasoning abilities are more capable of tackling unknown situations and arriving at a suitable solution for them. In this paper, we will aim to explore the concepts of reasoning. We will focus on one specific narrow ability within the reasoning construct viz. Inductive Reasoning and try to understand its importance from the aspect of employment.

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Deepika Pant

Deepika Pant is working with Aon Assessment Solutions as a Cognitive expert and has earned her bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. Her expertise lies in Consulting, Research, Product Design, and providing hiring solutions to clients for Cognitive assessments.

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