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Handbook - How Net Promoter Scores Can Revolutionize Talent Strategy

A great candidate experience can make your organization a top recruits' preferred employer - rather than a fallback option. This means organizations can build a lasting competitive advantage by refining their recruitment processes.

Candidate experiences can ripple through the labor market. A total of 62% of applicants who were satisfied with their candidate experiences recommended the hiring organization to others regardless of whether they were offered a job (IBM Smarter Workforce Institute). That recommendation rate drops to only 28% when candidates have an unsatisfactory candidate experience. The damage may not be confined to the employer brand.

 For many organizations, their candidates are also their customers. Alienating would-be workers can translate into lost sales.

Human resources leaders can leverage the use of NPS as a tool to enhance their recruiting performance beyond trial and error. You may be familiar with NPS as a rating method for customer experiences.

In 2003, the metric was developed by Fred Reichheld to predict customer purchase and referral behaviors. Reichheld and his researchers found that asking people a single question was most correlated to their referral behavior: “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?”

Generally, people who answer 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale are considered promoters, scores between 7 and 8 are labeled passives and scores of 6 or lower are regarded as detractors.

This guide explains how organizations can build a lasting competitive advantage by refining their recruiting processes and why a great candidate experience has an impact on your employer brand.

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